Affiliate Marketing: 9 Simple Ways to More Sales In The New Year

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Tips or “The Information People” need to get around problems may seem hard to find or figure out, but some of those tips are easier than one can imagine.  Some solutions come with experience; others come from research.  There’s a really good resource that is good for both beginners and seasoned affiliate marketers, and I will go over that later. 

One really good tip to be mindful of is that early in the year is a great time to go after new sales, but not right at the start of the year.  Everyone is getting over the Christmas rush and paying off their credit cards.  Around February or March, is a great time to turn up the heat.  Below are more great tips to get you going.

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1)- Email Marketing – If you haven’t made use of email marketing, you are missing out!  It’s the fuel that grows the fire.  It’s best to start collecting your visitors email address immediately after launching your site.  If you don’t have a website or blog, creating a very simple landing page would work.  By using email marketing, you’d be tapping into the power of automation.

2)- Two in one – When having an offer, add an additional offer (1 or more) to your post or emails.  This tactic won’t always work, but you could end up with more sales and loyal readers as a result.

3)- See how the Pro’s do it – Want to learn how to make something work or get past an issue, see how the pro’s and/or your competitors do it.  They already know what they are doing, so wouldn’t it make sense to see what they are up to? 

You can start by looking at their content formats and their topics.  See also how they have their website or blog designed as well.  Then you can go even deeper and see what keywords they are doing.  Not sure how to do that?  Check out the Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

Keyword Research

4)- People like Freebies – Your overall intent is to make people happy and satisfied with what they are searching for.  Go a step further and give them freebies.  I’ll give you one right now as an example.  Click here for a surprise freebie that helps you with keywords.  Whether it be special bonuses after a sale or freebies made available on your website/blog, your visitors love them.  They go far to enhance value to what you are promoting. 

If you are going to give a freebie with a purchase, make sure it’s relevant to what they purchased.  Obviously, you wouldn’t offer physical products with affiliate marketing, so make sure it’s practical and strategic.    

5)- Embed Images – With any images you add to your content, it’s a good idea to embed your affiliate marketing ID with the image.  Helps improve sales and commissions.  You can use text links as well as embedding them in to images.

6)- Post on social media – It’s a good idea to include you affiliate marketing ID link on you content that you share on social media for any topics about the items you are promoting.

7)- Flyers – Post flyers with pull-tabs in public places like gas stations and grocery stores to promote your offers.  You may need to get their permission in some places.  This is a good way to get the word out.  The pull-tab would include your website address.  The draw back to this is that you’ll have to occasionally replace the flyers you posted as the pull-tabs are all taken and/or your promotions change.  Even though this is affiliate marketing and online, I’ve done this and it does work.

8)-Effective CTA’s – Your Call To Actions should be Eye Catching at the very least.  You’ll want to capitalize on fear that your readers will miss out if they don’t take advantage of what you are offering.  You should make it very urgent and persuasive to motivate your readers to jump on board and make the purchase.  In some cases (not all), you can put in a count down timer to make it more urgent for your readers to take action. 

9)- Are You Mobile Friendly?  Is your website or blog able to be accessed on mobile devices?  This is huge if not crucial!  The bulk of online traffic comes from mobile devices.  You could be missing out on lots of sales and signups if you aren’t mobile friendly.

Finding the right path.

These helpful tips will get you far, and there are many more proven methods to take advantage of. There is a path to take that will make all the difference in the world and I gave hint to a very helpful resource in the beginning and this resource is called Wealthy Affiliate and I highly recommend them.  Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned affiliate, they are very empowering for you.  You need to check them out today!

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