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A Fool-Proof Formula for Easy Blogging

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Ever wonder if there is a fool Proof formula for easy blogging as the title says?  Well, the answer is “yes”.  Blogging doesn’t have to be a chore.  You still have to do all the research and write the posts, that doesn’t change, but there is a way to have it easy.  I’ll give you a simple formula on keywords later.

My first advise is to stay consistent with your work, don’t have long gaps in days of not doing your work.  Your consistency will have an effect good or bad on your readership.  So, let’s get to work…

Target Audience & Niche.

You want to make sure that you are creating content that are on target, otherwise, you’ll start losing your visitor flow.  This item is central to your cause.  I started with this one as if you are not on target then you may as well as take the easy out of your work.  This is your starting place as you need to know who you are focusing on.  If you got this right, the rest will be easier.

Research & Focus.

Research is paramount in putting together good content for our blog posts.  So, if you are on target with your audience, then you should be on target with your research.  By being on target, you’ll be focused on what you need to be providing.  You start your research buy looking for keywords and topics.  Good tools to use is Google Trends and a tool for keyword research.

Check out this for keyword research:  This is from Affilorama and is of precision quality on keyword research.

An important factor in keyword research is that you know by the keywords you find that you are on point with the content you are creating.  You wouldn’t want to create content that no one is interested in.

Blog post editing tips

Creating Content.

Each time you create a blog post, it’s for your intended target audience, providing them with needed information to help solve their problems.  So, you want to provide the facts and give your readers a sense of confidence that they are finding what they need.  You then become a source of reliable information on the niche you are working in.  You become a person of influence.

When you create a blog post, are you also sharing it with your email list?  You should be, as those are your preferred followers and may not always be on your blog.  You want to be engaged with your audience as often as possible.

Make sure your blog’s landing page has a OPT-IN box to collect subscribers.

The formula.

That fool proof formula is made up of what I just elaborated on.  Some people are “a natural” when it comes to blogging, others have to learn and evolve with it.  The formula is simpler than it seams and many bloggers miss the boat.

My formula for blogging success may surprise you and it does work, but it’s as follows:

Beneficial  +  Research  + Constancy  = Successful  Blogging

By providing beneficial content as a result of thorough research in a consistent manor brings about your blogging success.  It’s really not that hard to bring about.  If you can reach people via effective keyword research, this will help drive visitors to your blog organically.  If you are on social media and posting content to social media this will also drive traffic your way.

Successful blogging.

Successful blogging is more than just acquiring a readership and a list of subscribers, it’s also made up of sales and conversions and engaging others to work with you.  Progress takes time to achieve success as it takes time for you to be discovered.  It takes a consistent persevered effort to bring about success.  In some cases it can take several years before this happens.  If you are in a hurry, you just shot yourself in the foot.  Successful blogging takes a serious amount of work and requires a huge amount of dedication and patients.

Person of influence

Person of Influence.

I will admit that It’s my opinion, successful bloggers become a person of influence in the niche they are working in.  This is very important, because you the blogger become someone who can be depended on for the knowledge you are sharing.  This is one of the reasons that it takes time to grow into a successful blogging business.  Besides, it takes time for people to find your blog and for it to be known of what you are providing as a blogger and what you are all about.  This is the difference between a “fly by night blogger” and a serious blogger. 

Check out How To Become A Person Of Influence

Secret Magic Formula.

If you are looking for that all important secret magic formula for successful blogging, well I just gave it to you and there really is no secret formula.  But if there was such a thing it would include the  following:

Know your target audience, know the content you are providing and post consistently.

Which takes you back up to what I mentioned about the formula.  Any business takes time to grow, so if you are not willing to give the time, then this is not the business for you.  The energy you possess will help propel you in this business.  Do you love what you are doing?  Is your interest STRONG?  Is your drive HIGH?  If you said yes to all 3 of these questions, then just stay the course and be patient as you will get there. 


All of this applies to most bloggers, you don’t have to be into Affiliate Marketing to make use of what I covered here.  But if you are interested in Affiliate Marketing and would like more information and/or access to proven methods to help you earn an affiliate commission, then check out our Getting Started page for our 3 easy steps.

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