A 5-Step Affiliate Marketing Guide (That ANYONE Can Follow)

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Starting an affiliate marketing business can seem like quite a challenge especially if you know very little about it.  Affiliate marketing is actually not a complicated business to work with as the required tasks are rather easy to follow through with.  In simple terms all you do is share your affiliate id with others.  This 5-step guide will expose what you have to do to nail it.  Steps 1 through 3 cover setting up your business and steps 4 and 5 are about working the business.

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Step 1 – Choose your niche – You have to know what area you are going to operate in.  Choosing a niche can be a challenge as there are lots to choose from.  It’s recommended to choose only one niche to work in.  As it takes time to learn and evolve in it.  You want to make sure your niche is one that you like and are highly motivated with.  You don’t want to jump ship and switch to another one after you’ve gotten started.

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Online Presence

Step 2 – Online Presence – You need to establish an online presence with social media and get known on the internet.  Best to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, & Tumblr.  You can also use forums & Ad boards.   Social media has a ton of followers online and tapping into these sources can really impact your efforts.

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Step 3 – Automation – This is a very powerful feature that is a benefit of having your own website.  You can literally make money while you sleep as your website is there working for you day in and day out.  What is the aspect of a website that turns on the automation?  It’s simply by adding an Opt-In box to collect your visitors email addresses.  This is crucial and should be applied immediately after your website is up and running.

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  1. Ready to build your website? – If you are up to the challenge in designing and creating your website, that’s great!  So, what do you do?  We have the answers. 

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Note:  At this point you are all set up and ready to run your affiliate marketing business.

Step 4 – Do Your Research – This is an ongoing function of an affiliate marketer.  Your research will range from finding out what topics are trending, to keywords, and researching topics to prepare for your posts.  Research can expand into finding and learning the skills needed for topics of concern that you run into as well as anything you feel you need to apply to your business and/or website.  Research is a vital aspect of this business.  Remember, your ultimate goal is to provide the best content and evolve into being a person of influence.  Never downplay the importance of research as it’s food for your efforts in creating top notch content for your blogging.

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Let's Blog!

Step 5 – Your routine – These are the steps that you follow on a daily basis which can include Step 4 above on doing research.  These can include the following (but not limited to):

  1.  Researching topics – to get information for your content. (Step 4)
  2.  Creating content – Creating your content from the research you’ve done. 
  3.  Editing – Preparing the content to be posted or auto posted.  Following through with good SEO.
  4.  Promoting – Promoting what you are offering your visitors.
  5.  Emails –This includes sending, receiving & responding to emails you get. 
  6. Dealing with problems – Yes, problems will happen, as they are inevitable.  In times like these check out – How To Face Problems In Affiliate MarketingPart 1, Part 2, & Part 3.


Affiliate Marketing is not all that difficult in as far as what you have to do on a daily basis.  It can seem intimidating to some, but with the right knowledge and skills you’ll get ahead of the rest.  This quick 5 step guide is meant to point you in the right direction.  There is a ton of knowledge in our blog, feel free to check it out anytime.

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