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9 Tips To Increase Your Sales

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If you are like any other blogger who’s been at it a while or even if you’re new, you can find that at times it seems like your wheels are stuck in mud and you are getting nowhere.  Fortunately, mud isn’t permanent and you can get out of it.  These tips will move you in the right direction.  Don’t be discouraged about the time it takes, as this is valuable for acquiring all the knowledge and skills you need in affiliate marketing.

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Here are some ways to get going moving again:

1)- Are you using trending keywords? – Getting organic traffic to come to your website or blog can be greatly improved by using the right keywords which can dramatically affect your sales.  Keyword research using the right keywords may be the difference between a high converting campaign and a negative one.  Understand that the keywords being used are for a precise search query that someone is trying to find an answer to their issue or problem which could lead to a sales lead.

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2)- Put yourself on autopilot – Automation can make the difference for you in that you can literally make money while you sleep.  Think of it, is it possible for you to personally process every transaction yourself?  Of course not, so why not put your website on automation.  All you have to do is capture your audience’s email address and auto send them emails. You can also shoot some manual emails out to them occasionally.   Automation brings about that passive income.

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Getting Ranked!

3)- Track your campaigns – By tracking your ad campaigns, you can see what is going on and know where you are at.  AffiloTools does it all for you.  AffiloTools is the best resource for affiliate marketers and you can have yours for free.  Tracking is crucial, by not doing it, you’d be flying blind not knowing where you’re going.

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4)- Niche loyalty is key – One may not realize it or think about it, but it “does pay” to stay within your niche and not branch into others.  The more you know and grow with the niche you are in, the move valuable you’ll become, the better influencer you will be.

5)- Word Of Mouth – Word of mouth advertising is very effective and getting product recommendations from family, friends and peers can greatly boost your sales and many trust these sources.  Just because your business may be online, doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of this valuable option. 

6)- Post Flyers – Yes, posting flyers at your local grocery stores, gas stations, & any place that has a local community bulletin board can greatly draw attention to your business.  You want to use the kind of flyers with pull tabs at the bottom.  Some software like Microsoft Word can do this for you.  The only drawback is that you have to put new flyers up now and then.  Oh, and don’t forget to ask permission at places you decide to post as its’ best to do this as some may not permit it.  You want to be on their good side.

7)- Choose Wisely – When it comes to affiliate programs, “it pays” to be picky.  You should only pick affiliate programs that are a “good fit” for you and your blog.  Affiliate programs should be of those you really believe in and have a strong feeling for.  Basically, would you get their products or services?  If not, then why would you offer them?  Never rush into joining an affiliate marketing program based only on what you hear.  Check it out first and if it fits, go for it.


8)- Never stop learning – Learning and developing an affiliate marketing business takes time and part of the reason is the time it takes to pick up skills and knowledge along the way.  You can follow that all important step by step plan, but that’s just to get you started which is very important.  Always take time to take advantage of a learning moment.  If you encounter an opportunity to learn something whether it be an unexpected issue or a affiliate marketing related course, take advantage of it. 

You can take advantage of a ton of FREE lessons with that they make available for affiliate marketers.  We highly recommend affilorama as we are affiliated with them.  They are great and provide lots so resources for affiliate marketing.

9)- Passive Income – There is a valuable resource that can get you started in earning passive income.  That resource is via Affilorama and is especially good for those who want a bird’s-eye-view of what it takes to create passive income. 

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While this isn’t an end all list of tips to get you there, following these tips will get you moving.  Below is a link you can use for more information in getting unstuck.  If you found anything here that hits home for you, please leave a reply.

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