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9 Tips On Finding The Right Hosting

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One of the problems that exist when it comes to hosting is that too many people who are on line have no idea where to turn.  This is one of the reasons why I am going over this now.  A lot of times word of mouth or a google search leads people to popular sites.  But are popular sites good enough?  Are they offering what you really need?  It doesn’t hurt to be picky with your online needs.  I was given a good deal once for a hosting site, and I wasn’t that happy with their customer service.  It is hard to find the right host that matters.  Let’s go over what you can do to find the right host.  I even have a recommendation for you later.

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1)- Storage Space – How much space do you get with your host?  This is important as you don’t want to wake up some day and panic as you are running low on space already.   Not all hosts are created equal in this and other areas.  Consider that image files and other media type files can be of considerable size and can take away a lot of space from you.  You are paying for hosting, so you have the right to be concerned about important items like this.

2)- SPEEDS – Does the host provide a fast connection for you?  Visitors will leave your site if the connection is too slow.  Your host should provide fast connection and load times for your site and images files thus providing for a good user experience.  Even you are a user of a sort. 

3)- Cost Effectiveness – Taking in consideration of the first two, what are you paying for?  Are there any other hidden costs such as bandwidth, renewals and upgrades?  What are other hosts charging? 

4)- Customer Support – Are you getting the support you need?  Can you call them?  If not, you are probably reliant to an email type support.  If this is the case, beware, while this type works, some are not as good as others.  Some probably wouldn’t think about being concerned, but this is just as much as a service as all the other items a host offers.

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5)- Site Backups – How does the host back up you site?  They should be able to fully back up and restore your site should the unthinkable happens.  Your website is important to you, and you should be assured that your site will be restored in times of a disaster.  You should know that while we hope these times don’t happen, it’s only a matter of when they will and not if.

6)- Uptime – What is the average uptime of the host you have or looking to have?  I’ve seen on the Internet that the monthly norm is 99.9%.  Anything less than that should be deemed as unacceptable.  What’s the sense of having a host when you site isn’t up giving access to your visitors?  Uptime is definitely a service you are paying for as you are paying for a host, and what is the purpose of you host, to provide access to your website to those online. 

7)- WordPress – Does the host have wordpress?  It should as most use wordpress.  WordPress is used by over 65% of websites on the internet.  Check out https://w3techs.com/technologies/details/cm-wordpress for more details.  You don’t want to have your host on a different platform and then later be forced to switch to wordpress.  Such a transition isn’t always easy.

8)- Re-evaluate – Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate your host.  If it seems like your customer service is lacking, then what else is lacking?  If your host is huge but services lack, perhaps it’s time to migrate your site to another host.  Don’t isolate yourself when you don’t have to.  Remember, it’s your website, your property, your business, you have the right to take matters elsewhere if conditions are not favorable to you. 

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9)- Forget FREE – Free sites may seem like a good option, but they have their drawbacks.  You are bombarded with advertisements on their sites and they may not have as many tools and features that you would have on a paid hosting site.  There could be limitations that you would run into that you may not be considering early on.


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