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9 Strategies To Accelerate Your Affiliate Marketing Sales

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Strategies can vary from very simple to daily multi-pronged assault.  How you approach it depends upon how serious and how much more you want to draw in conversions.  At the very least you’ll notice an up tick in your traffic.  You can’t expect much if you just share your affiliate link through social media.  Let’s go over some key strategies to get you going.  It pays to follow a plan that works rather than flying blind.

Pays to be choosey.

With Timabeck.com, all our companies we chose were carefully picked based on what fits best for our needs to better service affiliate marketers like you.  Basically, if it doesn’t fit our site, I pass it by.  You want to affiliate yourself with companies that will best represent the niche you are working in.  You would not use a company that sells shoes with a niche that deals with Ice cream.  A stretch of an example, but you get the point.  I shared this recently the types of companies we are affiliated with which includes and not limited to:  Website design, email marketing, & affiliate marketing.  In being choosy, you should also consider what they are offering you in commissions.  Company A may offer you more than Company B.  Best to review before applying.

Attract traffic & sales.

If you want more sales and traffic, daily promotions will be like fishing line into the sea of social media.  Some of what you catch will be either traffic or sales.  Either is great, as traffic gains you exposure.  With set goals in mind, you need to promote as often as you can.   You can see in How To Promote Affiliate Marketing For Beginners how it’s done.

Email Marketing.

If you haven’t yet implemented a way to collect your audiences email addresses, you need to get it done now.  This is a very powerful part of your affiliate marketing business.  You can send out carefully crafted emails to your subscribers to help promote your products.  You can include this also in your daily promotions.  If you aren’t taking advantage of this option, it’s like walking around with only one leg, you’re not going to go as far.  You’ll want to include a sales funnel with this feature that will put your business in automation.

Banners & Text Links.

Banners can add a lot of attraction throughout your blog.  Banners are usually provided by the companies you are affiliated with.  These beets having to take the time to design them yourself.  Companies provide professionally done banners that you can display throughout your website or blog.  You can also make use of carefully worded texts links provided by these companies as well.

Content Marketing.

This may surprise you if you’ve been blogging for a while, as you should already know this.  But for those who don’t, when you promote a product on your blog by writing a post, you are driving traffic to a website of the company that is selling that product, this is called content marketing.  This is the main part of your work, creating posts about the products you are promoting.  You are providing a solve for a customer’s problem that they need to have a solution for.  Can you imagine the relief of someone reading your post on your blog when you provide the answers they need?

Social Proof.

If you want to boost your sales, a good way to do that is by using a plugin called Notification X, a wordpress plugin (free) that you can use.   It’s easy to setup.  Notification X is the best wordpress plugin for social proof to boost your sales.  It’s found in the wordpress repository.  People take a lot in stock of what others say In the products they are interested in.

Increase exposure.

Get yourself noticed!  Let yourself be seen everywhere to gain exposure, thus drawing traffic to your website.  Basically, share your content everywhere.  By doing this your links will send traffic to your blog.  Granted, what you really want is for that traffic to end up on the websites of the companies you promote to increase conversions for you.  If you don’t share your content with the world, how will they know what you are offering?

The more the better.

Insert your affiliate link multiple times throughout your content, thus increasing the chances of your visitors clicking on them.  After all, your main intent is to draw them to the company’s websites that you are affiliated with.  You can make it nice and neat by hiding the affiliate link within the sentence, like I just did here for Wealthy Affiliate, of which I am an affiliate.  Check it out for Free membership.  In order for those people to see your affiliate link, you can display it https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=036e625b.

Catch Your Readers Eye.

A good way to grab your readers attention, especially to make sales is by the use of notification bars.  They can be used on the top or the bottom in most cases.  These can be used to alert your audience of exclusive deals.  For more information and a way to achieve this you need to check out this article on Easy How To Add An Announcement Bar And Add SalesThis is a powerful way to change things up for your sales.


I just gave you 9 tips to accelerate your marketing sales.  If you put all of these into action, you’ll notices a big difference.  Everything takes time, and the sooner you put these into action, the further down the road you’ll be.  Now if you are a beginner, you’ll need a strong foundation laid to better fortify your efforts.  Without a strong laden foundation, a strong wind will blow you over, which could be fatal depending upon your objectives.  To have a solid foundation and get ahead of the competition, check out our Getting Started page.  There are 3 easy steps to follow which will make a HUGE difference in  your efforts.  https://timabeck.com/getting-started.

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