8 Tips You Need to Know About Email Marketing

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When it comes to monetizing your website or blog, email marketing is one of the single most important aspects to consider.  Email marketing puts your website or blog into a mode of automation which is imperative for a successful online business.  The most important rule to follow is to start collecting your readers email addresses immediately upon launching your site. 

The reason for this is while your site may be new, your visitors will sign up just for curiosity’s sake to see what all you have to offer.  Even if you don’t have your autoresponders ready, don’t delay in collecting the email addresses.  Create a welcome email just to get it started (see #1 below).

Getting Started

I’m going to reveal 8 things you need to be aware of with affiliate marketing:

1)- Welcome Email – When someone subscribes to your email list, send them out a welcome email.  It’s about a relationship and this is a great way to start.  It should be warm and cozy and really makes your new subscriber feel welcomed.  It’s also the best time to offer a free download.

2)- The eyes have it – Basically make your subject line eye catching so it grabs your readers attention.  You don’t want your subscribers to pass on by and not open your emails.  If you want to increase your open rate, this is where you do it.  The quality of your emails is just as important as the content you make available on your website or blog.  Including what you post to social media.  Take time to make it right.

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3)- Email Opt-In – How you collect your emails is important.  Having the right tools can make the difference.  OptinMonster.com is a powerful tool to satisfy your email marketing needs.  OptinMonster.com is always concerned about helping their customers gain competitive business advantage.   Ensure that your website or blog is efficiently set for the power of automation.  You need to also make your Opt-In box very easy to find and available on most pages so your readers don’t have a hard time finding it.

4)- Subscriber control – This is a huge must.  You need to let your subscribers have full control of their subscription / newsletter.  If they want to unsubscribe, it’s their call.  Make the unsubscribe option easy and available on every email newsletter you send.  It’s hard to believe and I’ve encountered this myself that there are some companies that make it hard to unsubscribe.  This can go against your reputation if you’re not careful.  Besides, you don’t really know why they are unsubscribing.  It could be for a number if different reasons having nothing to do with what you are promoting.  You never know they may come back later and with a different email address.

5)- Frequency matters – I’ve been here on this one too!  I’ve signed up for an affiliate related program in the past and got a huge number of emails immediately after subscribing.  For me that is a HUGE turn off.  I immediately canceled it.  You want to send your readers their newsletter / information in a well-timed manor so they are not inundated with emails.  You don’t want your reputation being affected by something like too many emails going out in a short time span.

6)- Email length matters – Don’t send emails that are very long to your readers.  Just because you need to write posts that are of a certain length doesn’t mean that applies to emails.  You’ll end up losing your readers interest if the email is too long.  Basically, the length of the emails needs to be as long as it needs to be to get the point across to your readers.  Like anywhere between 200 to 500 words.  But, if you need to go over 500 words, to be able to get the across to your readers, that is okay.  Just remember that you are not writing a whole new post.

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7)- Mobile friendly – Just like your posts, you need to make your emails mobile friendly.  There is a lot of internet users that rely on mobile devices to get what they need.  Unlike a lot of people, when they read their emails it’s on their mobile devices and those emails need to be compatible to their devices. 

8)- Never Assume – If you don’t know something or if you are unsure and need to get more information, do it!  Resources do exist to provide the support you need.   By not getting the answers you need, your overall status could be drastically affected.  Never underestimate the importance of email marketing.  In addition to these tips, the following resource will add more to what you need:

Check out: 

Email Marketing for Affiliates: Tips for List Building & Writing Newsletters  (with Affilorama.com)


Having the right tools, no matter what you are doing can make a huge difference in your outcome.  I highly recommend OptinMonster.com to fulfill your email marketing needs.  If you want to get the job done like the Pro’s do, then go with the Pro’s.  OptinMonster.com is a Pro when it comes to Emali Marketing. 

Check out   OptinMonster.com  to have access to all what they have to offer to nail your email marketing needs for once and for all.

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