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8 Tips To Double Your Affiliate Marketing Sales

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If you are looking to make some improvements, I have some hacks for you to help you double your sales if you follow them correctly.  There’s no reason for you to keep going with the status quo, when you can take steps to improve your sales.

You’ll be able to discover which part of your affiliate marketing business to focus on more by following these tips.  These tips are some that I’ve used and some that I found on the Internet to better serve you.

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Do Only What Works.

You can find yourself doing 10 different things a day if you are not careful.  If this is you, you need to avoid this.  First and foremost, follow the core routine.  This is known as streamlining your efforts and making the most of your time.

It’s a Business.

Affiliate Marketing is a business, so you should treat it like it is one.  Some who get into this busines don’t take it serious enough.  It’s not a get rich quick scheme or a quick way to raise some cash.  It’s a very serious business and you need to be fully onboard if you are going to have one.  You have to invest lots of time and effort and in some cases money to get a return on your investment.  Your level of seriousness will sine through the work you do and payoff in high dividends in the long run.

Value on Investment.

You make effort in developing your blog, dedicate yourself to the process and provide valuable content for your audience.  The content is the value you are offering your readers.  This has to be a consistent and dedicated process.  The content should be of value that your readers need to offer solutions to their needs.  Basically, your goal is to help people so they have the solution to their problems or needs so as to gain a conversion.  Purchases aren’t made with someone who exasperates you, you make them with people who offer the solutions you are looking for.

More is better.

Don’t rely on just one product to promote in your business.  Your readers may get bored or your customer base may dwindle.  You should have more than one product or service with multiple price tiers per product.  The more you have to offer, the more likely to make a conversion.  Many people will only pick on low or middle ticket priced items.  Plus, by having more than one product, you have more to offer to your audience.  Having choices, makes a huge difference in conversions.

The gift that keeps giving.

This is a pretty basic one, if you sell a product with reoccurring commissions, each sale will give you multiple conversions.  This means you’ll get more conversions.  If you want to build a sustainable affiliate marketing income easier, then reoccurring commissions will help you do this.  Now consider this example – If a product costs $50 per month and you get 50% commission, you only need to refer 100 people to earn an extra $2500 a month.

Know your audience and products.

If you don’t want to look like a fool, or find yourself not making any sales, then you’ll want to do your research.  Learn as much as you can about the products you’re offering as well as the audience you are working for.  Yes, working for, your readers provide your customer base and you need to be on top of your game here.  This is pretty important as if you don’t know your audience and/or your products, then you end up spinning your wheels and go no where fast.  This one area, knowing your audience and products can make or break you.  How bad do you want to be a person of influence or super affiliate?  The quality of your effort will show in your progress.  I love what I do, which is why I go to the extra trouble to provide you what you need to know.  Many miss it here in not knowing about the products they are selling or the type of audience they are promoting too.  Don’t make this mistake and do your homework. 

Do Upsells.

You want to make use of tripwire or splinter in generating upsells.  is a small offer sold to new email subscribers between $5 and $50 after they opt in through your website.  Which is also meant to strengthen the buyer / seller relationship which is really important for the purpose of retention.  You can also offer higher priced products after they agree to make the first purchase with no obligation. They can either agree to make the additional purchases or just take what they agreed to and go.

Add Opt-In.

If you haven’t done this yet, it’s a must.  Add an OPT In Box on your blog to collect your readers email address.  This is crucial to bring about future sales.  For more information on email marketing, check out this “must read” article –  How To Boost Your Email List.  Without an Opt In box, you are hurting your chances in making conversions.


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