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8 Tips To Convert Clicks to Sales

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Sometimes after you launch a blog or website, it can take a while before you get any kind of noticeable progress.  Progress comes in many different forms.  Which this be the only time it would be normal to get no clicks, though it doesn’t stay that way.  Done right, you should be getting clicks as your blog get’s noticed.  In the beginning it can be the norm to get clicks and no sales.  The ratio of clicks to sales will surprise you.  The ratio of clicks is 1 to 3 out of a 100 before people make the click.  These clicks are the result that happens from our visitors as they explore your website and then become interested in what you are providing. There are 3 walls that we have to knock down to get that success we are looking for.  I mentioned these walls in a past post and they are as follows:

These are the 3 walls to deal with:

  1.  Signups – visitors signing up for your newsletter
  2.  Traffic – Consistent visitors to your website / blog
  3.  Sales – the conversions you get as a result of your efforts.

Once you knock down the first two walls, the sales will really start coming, not that you won’t get any early on.  The first wall – Signups is very significant, as you need these, so this is a very good wall to get over first.  This helps put your business into automation mode when you have subscribers.  Which is why you need to collect email addresses.

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Got Clicks No Sales.

1)- Are you promoting / advertising?  If not, you should be.  In the first few sentences, make people curious enough to click your call to action.  If you can’t afford to pay for advertising, then at least promote over social media without Ads.  You can’t rely on content posting alone.  If you are promoting over social media, there is a frequency that does matter.  Check out our post on How To Make Use Of A Secret That Unlocks Traffic To Your Website.

2)- What are the benefits? – Make it known what the benefits are for the user who would be clicking on your call to action.  They should be able to get a picture of what you are offering in their minds to make an effective decision.  If they don’t have a clear understanding of what you are offering, they’ll pass you by.

3)- Give them what they want – You need to make sure that when they click, they are getting what they envisioned.  If you don’t, you could get a backlash of demands for their money back.

4)-Country Picky – Not all countries are created equal and some would only click and not purchase anything.  Others would be hazardous to your website / blog in the form of hackers.  Do your research and be only available to those countries that would be more open to what you are offering.  Depending upon the security you are using on your blog, you may be able to block those countries.  Wordfence Security is one that provides this option in the PRO version.  Wordfence Security is available in the wordpress repository.

5)- Quality effects your reputation – Make sure that what you are offering is of top-notch quality as it can have a detrimental effect on your efforts.  You may make a sale, but if it seems “cheapy” then it will get around.  Evaluate what you choose to offer.  If it doesn’t fit your site or be something that you would buy, drop it. 

6)- Are you collecting emails? – Do you have a way to collect your readers email addresses?  This is another factor in not getting any sales.  If you are not providing a way to collect email addresses, then you are cutting your chances in making sales.  Your method of collecting email addresses should be located throughout your website or blog.  They should not have to hunt for it.  If you need assistance in this area, check out this article on Email Marketing from Affilorama.

7)- Call to actions clear enough? – Is your call to action obvious in your content that you are providing?  Your readers should have no doubt what you are saying and making an offer.  You should also provide a sense of urgency in your call to actions.  You can also use plugins like Hustle to create stylish call to actions.  Hustle is a free plugin available in the wordpress repository.

8)- Not being consistent – Are you creating content and promoting on a regular basis?  This can also have a negative impact on your clicks to sales.  If your site appears to the readership that it’s hardly updated, they could pass you by.  Don’t stop your work and come back to it 4 months later and expect to see great things happening.  Your visitors are smarter than you think.  They can tell if you are legitimate or fly by night.  If this is a hobby for you, but you have a serious attitude about it, then you need to be serious about what you are doing.  Persistence does pay off if you keep at it.


If you put into action all of the tips I covered here, you should see a significant improvement I your clicks to sales.  All these tips can and will have an impact  You really do want it to be obvious that “what you see is what you get” when making offers.  Dependability, quality, & transparency will take you places.  You want positive visitor and subscriber retention.  Not putting these practices in place have a negative impact.  Fortunately, there are resources available to help you in any area of need that you have in furthering your business.  See below to open the door to these FREE resources.

Take action!

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