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8 Tips On What Really Matters In Blogging

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I’ve been blogging for quite a long time even before Timabeck.com and every now and then I hear things that indicate that the end of Blogging is coming or Blogging is dead.  Well, the only truth that there is about blogging is the way you do things tend to change, but NO!  Blogging isn’t dying and will be around for quite some time.  Platforms change or increase in number, blogging styles and niches change.  Even what Google expects from blogs change as well.  But, if blogging would die, so would all the profits from the companies that rely on bloggers and affiliate marketers.  Let’s go over some crucial tips that matter:

1)- Blogging’s future – If Blogging were to die, as I just said, so would lots of profits for those companies who rely on bloggers.  Not only that, quite a lot of other companies would be impacted, that provide support to bloggers.  So, if you start hearing rummers, they are about as reliable as fortune tellers.  Best thing to do is to stay focused and persistent about your goals.

Keyword Research

2)- Keyword Research – Good keyword research (KWR) is crucial in drawing organic traffic to your blog.  With KWR, you’d be writing about only what is being searched for online.  Without good KWR, you’d be writing in the dark.  You don’t want to spend lots of effort writing about things that aren’t being searched for.

3)- Research – Along with keyword research, you need to dive into your topic and be in the know of what you are writing about.  Your readers are not the only ones learning from your efforts, you are too.  You don’t want to come across that you don’t know what you are writing about.  Both Keyword Research and Content Research go hand in hand in this process.  Don’t skimp on research, as it will pay off in huge dividends later with the content you are creating for your readers.

You want to show value to your readers on a regular basis which you will do with the research you are doing. 

4)- Consistency – This is very important as you want to keep your readers engaged.  They will be watching and waiting for your next posting.  You’re effort will transform you into a vital source of information, hence a person of influence.  This is what you want.  You want a consistent, persistent, dedicated effort from the very beginning of your efforts.  There are lots of blogs and vlogs out there, and as the saying goes, the squeakiest gear gets the grease. 

5)- Promotions – What all you have to offer your readers in addition to the content you are creating on a regular basis.  You want to provide valuable products and services that your readers need.  As per example, with Timabeck.com, we promote affiliate marketing, website design & email marketing as our main offers to our readers.  We are always looking for companies that offer a good fit for our readers.

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6)- Email Marketing – This is very crucial, if you are not collecting your readers email addresses, you are probably shooting yourself in the foot.  With email marketing, you would put your blog into automation which means you could literally make money while you sleep.  You should start collecting email addresses immediately as you launch your site.  If all you do is post your content with affiliate links, you are losing out of the possibilities that email marketing can do for you.  Email marketing gives you the ability to send out autoresponders on a scheduled basis offering private content and special offers to your email list.  It also gives you the ability to send your email list private emails for anything you want to share with them that you wouldn’t share with those readers who visit your website and not subscribe.

7)- Being Unique – You want to be yourself and not simply reproduce what everyone else is writing about.  With Timabeck.com, we concentrate on Affiliate Marketers who are new to the business and want a solid foundation to get started with.  You want to make sure that you know your audience and give them what they want by providing your own prospective on the topic you are writing about.  You don’t want to resemble other blogs out there.

8)-Be Real – Don’t try to come across as though you are a expert on your niche.  You need to do research to support what you are writing about.  I wasn’t an expert in the beginning, and heck, in some ways I’m still not an expert.  Being an expert takes years of consistent, persistent effort.  Instead, I work on being honest and consistent with the content I provide.  I do lots of research throughout each week for the content that I create.


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