Tips For Choosing Your Best Blogging Platform

8 Tips For Choosing Your Best Blogging Platform

Blogging can be fun, educational, and rewarding.  It’s always a great time to start blogging.  But, where do you start?  What platform should you put your content on?  For those who have never blogged before, this can be a uncertain or confusing matter to deal with.  The average beginner may not even care as long as they can start blogging.  There are many options to choose from when starting a blog.  Depending upon what your long term objectives are, it can matter where you have your blog.  If you are blogging for social, athletic, personal interest reasons, then it may not matter what platform you choose.  But, if it could lead into a business minded scenario, then one should be more concerned about this choice.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing a blog platform:

Go Free – Most blogging platforms usually are free which is what you should look for when starting a blog unless you own your own blog which most usually don’t do.  Owning your own blog has a lot to do with the hosting package you purchase, which is primarily for those who are business minded.

Platform Details – Consider what all the blogging platform offers.  Right down to the smallest details to make sure that you are getting what you want.  Even Free, you want to get what you want and need.  One Free platform is not equal to another platform.  Each is it’s own world.  So it pays to be picky and choosy.  Consider this, Free is it’s own currency, spend it well.

Know Your Skills – Consider your skills and what you know when choosing a platform, as they are not all created equal.  For some platforms like and WordPress, not many skills are required to make use of these.  But when making use of more advanced features or addons, then more skills may be needed.  Some plugins can require a bit more technical knowledge depending upon their complexity.  If you decide to selfhost, then at some point you may be “tested” with your skills and abilities as your evolve with your website.  You need to be prepared for this eventuality.  There many tutorials on the Internet to help and guide you especially on 

Making use of Storage – Not all platforms are created equal in this area.  You’ll want to consider how much space you’ll need as you grow your blog.  Image and video files can be large enough to eat away at your overall space.  When you factor in your posts, images, & videos, it all adds up after a while.  Some platforms give you the option to add more space for a fee.  Whether you are business minded or not, this is an issue.  After so many years, when your blog has grown, you don’t want to find yourself in a place where you need to make choices on how to deal with your lack of storage space.

Integrations – Make sure that the platform you choose allows you to integrate with social media to share your content and also allows for other functions like to integrate your multimedia embeds with videos, images & podcasts.  Some may be limited or nonexistent in these areas.  Uploading may even have a file upload size limit which can be a disadvantage.  Limitations in these areas should be considered right away as they can inhibit your efforts.

Domain Names – In a lot of cases, if you go free, your domain name would probably be like “” or “”.  So if you don’t mind that, the you’re good.  But if you would prefer your own domain name like, then that would be for a fee in most cases.  If you just in it for a personal interest, then it’s probably not an issue, otherwise be prepared to pay a fee for a personal domain name.

Overall Focus – Why are you going to start a blog?  Is it for business or personal reasons?  This factor is an important one to keep in mind when choosing the right platform.  Not all platforms are created equal and some have more options than others.  If you are starting a blog for business purposes, then you’d want to be very mindful as to what platform you are choosing.

My Recommendation  –  I HIGHLY recommend WordPress whether it be or  Now while is mostly free, it is rather limited for blogging in comparison to Managed WordPress.  I’ve used other platforms and with all the options and plugins wordpress has, you don’t want to find yourself having to dive into one platform only to have to change course and convert to wordpress later.  Converting may not be that easy depending upon what platform you are converting from.  One host may not be as convert friendly as another.  Your focus is like your “North Star” as it is your guide on how serious you are and what your priority level is.  So if you are going to have a business, then selfhosting is probably the way to go.  You’d want to get worpress.  Yes there are other platforms that are good, and some have advertisements they display on your blog unless you pay a fee to remove them.  As you can see there are concerns, so you need to think long term when you choose where to host your blog.  WordPress has an edge up on other platforms as it has the most popular content management system (CMS).  It’s usability is quite easy compared to other CMS out there.  It has a customizable themes & themes in the wordpress repository which are all FREE to install and is cross-platform compatibility. 

To get all the details on wordpress and get started with your Managed WordPress hosting, click the link below for more information.  I am an affiliate with and I highly recommend them for your wordpress hosting needs.  You can get it all done with 

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