8 Essential Tips for Intermediate Affiliate Marketers

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We’ve all had to start somewhere with affiliate marketing and the fact that we all have different skill sets, our needs can vary at times.  There are some tips that can empower you to take your game to the next level.  Regardless what tips you utilize, consistency and persistence will always drive you through. 

Tips to get you moving on to the next level:

Content Writing

1)- Multiple Daily Posts – You should post multiple times a day to social media.  This is in addition to your normal posts that you write.  I’m talking about any promotions about the products and services you offer.  The more engagement you do, the more attention you’ll get.  This also includes re-posting of your older content.  As far as how often you post, that depends upon what social media you are posting to.  The post below will also give suggestions on how often to post to specific social media platforms.

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2)- Increase Brand Awareness – Start incorporating your brand into the content that you share.  Create hashtags in your posts that people will start to recognize.  It’s good to start blending in your brand into your social media campaign when once you’ve established your brand.  Your logo is very important to you and your business.  Creating a logo isn’t all that hard and as we used Canva to create ours, you can too.

3)- Increase Visual Content – As you move forward start adding more visual content to your social media posts. Visual content is more eye catching and draws more attention, thus increasing clicks.  Publish some videos to put on social media including youtube.com.  This will help drive traffic to your blog.  Add other images and infographics to grab your readers attention. 

4)- Put your face on it – Don’t be afraid to add your face to your blog.  You’ll find me there, just don’t shoot it.  😊  I can be seen in my videos as well.  This helps people relate to who you are with what you are presenting.  Real pictures go along way to build trust.  Google’s human raters look for trustworthiness, expertise and authoritativeness.

How to overcome

5)- Identify their pain – By pouring salt on their wounds, you make them feel the pain and with that not only will you solve their problem, you’ll sell them the solution to their problem.  This is crucial for your audience. 

For a successful sell, you have to elaborate on their pain or their problems, then offer them a solution.  By doing this, you open their eyes and then they realize that you have something they need.

After you’ve amplified their problem, let them know how much their life will be improved with the product.  Help them visualize how life will be after they buy the product.  You want to get across to them the value of the product. 

6)- Offer Alternatives – It’s nice to be able to solve your customers problems, but it’s even better if you can provide alternatives too.  For example, if you are in need of creating a website or blog, Timabeck.com has different options from different companies to aide in creating a website or blog.  We don’t limit to just one.  Have you ever noticed when sites constantly send out offers for the same product?  That can get old and would be nice if they sent out different ones.

Some may even question why you are only offering one product. 

It's yours!

7)- Offer Bonuses – In addition to alternatives, start offering bonuses.  This can really motivate people into buying what you offer.  As an affiliate, you are up against a lot of competition for the same traffic.  Having something to offer as a bonus can really turn things for you.  As a good example, check out a live bonus we’re offering.  (This is a limited time offer and sometimes it’s not available.)

So, how can you convince someone to buy from you over others?  Quite easily, give them bonuses.  When they get something for FREE that increases the value of what they are looking for.  It should be noted that the bonus should not be part of the overall packaged price.  What ever happens, they can keep the bonus.

8)- Online Statistics – This is something that you need to be concerned about for your business.  Another great resource is Wealthy Affiliate, it can monitor all your online activities and more.  Being in the know of how you are doing, will help you keep on top of your game. 


As always, staying on top of your game by being consistent, persistent and dedicated will take you far.  Get started today!

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