8 Affiliate Marketing Hacks: How To Improve Your Promotions

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Having trouble promoting your site, many do, and fortunately you can get around those issues.  With these tips, you’ll get your website noticed in no time.  It’s as easy as knowing what to do.  In this post, I will expose the secrets you need to make use of to get your website noticed.

1)- Content & SEO – Making use of SEO and making use of good keywords is one of the ways to driving traffic to your site.  Putting keywords throughout your site, in your posts and part of your media filenames as well as headings, & alt texts can really make a difference.  Using good SEO is well worth your time and effort in finding the right keywords to match your content will lead readers to your site.  Don’t make the mistake of concentrating only on SEO, you want to create good quality content that lines up with your SEO.

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2)- Email marketing – I’ve said this before, start collecting emails immediately after launching your website or blog.  This is crucial as people will sign up just for curiosity. 

3)- Don’t skimp on quality – Whether it be in your posts, emails, website design or even your videos, quality is where it counts.  I left a website and went elsewhere simply because I felt the quality of that site was poor.  If the website is poorly designed, that will trickle down through the rest of the content and media as well.  If you take the time to concentrate on quality, it will be well worth it.  Case in point, I have a mentor and back in the days when was under construction, I wasn’t allowed to go live until the site was perfect.  So the more you put into quality, the greater your return.

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4)- Know your products – If you don’t know your products, you can’t expect to promote them effectively.  Some of what I promote, I also use such as the content AI tool with which is very effective in writing content for you.  I carefully select companies that have resources that can have a positive impact on potential customers.

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5)- User Friendly Website – In addition to the design of your website, is it easy to use and navigate through?  Can your visitors find what they want easily?  Can they easily sign up for your newsletter?  These were a couple of things to consider with your websites design and layout.  It probably makes you wonder why this would be a promoting issue.  Well consider how your visitor would react when landing on your site if they had trouble finding what they needed.

Promoting is one thing, experience is the result of landing on your page when responding to your promotion.  You only have one chance to make a good first impression.

6)- Find programs that work – Being in the post pandemic period, you need to research and find the programs that are in demand.  As more an more people are home bound, that concept should be your guide.  As an example, if you were promoting bicycles, then treadmills would be a better option to consider.  Affiliate marketing is being impacted by the effects of the pandemic even in the post pandemic period.  But the impact is uneven as some areas are prospering and others aren’t. 

7)- Re-examine your skill set – Don’t be afraid to step back and re-evaluate yourself.  I’ve done this and it’s very empowering.  I’ve taken webinars from reputable sources to add to my knowledge and skill set.  Don’t assume that you know enough.  Sometimes it’s what you don’t know that can make the difference.  For example, in the beginning, I wasn’t sure how to put together the autoresponder list for and I was able to find out how from trainings and resources from reputable online sites. 

Affiliate marketing is a learn and build as you go concept and what you gain after a while can make a huge difference in your efforts. 

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