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7 Ways to Get Unstuck With Your Online Business

Tired of being stuck in a rut?  Not sure what to do ?  Is this you?  Glue comes in many different forms.  The kind of glue, I am talking about is mental glue.  That internal wiring that is keeping you stuck in a rut.  Sometimes a lack of knowledge is enough to be the adhesive that holds you back from gaining any headway.  The thing that always held me back was the lack of the right knowledge in “doing it right”.  Fortunately you can change that.  So whether you want the freedom and luxury of being your own boss, or just to make some extra money, you now have access to what you need to “do it right”.

Let’s work on getting unstuck, here are 7 ways to get there:

Making The Best Use Of Your Time

When each day comes, do you have a set idea of what needs to be done and are only doing the necessary tasks to achieve your goals?  Or is like each day running into each other and you never know what you’ll be faced with day after day.  You need to set forth some goals and projects so you know what you are doing each day.  You need to be in control of your time instead of your time being in control of you.  You could start using a resource to manage your time.  I have a great suggestion for you and best of all it’s free.  It’s called Asana.  Check it out and see for yourself.  You can plan each day with this great resource.  

Identify Your Target Audience

Knowing your audience is important.  If you have a business that specializes in Doberman Pincers, you wouldn’t have much success with an audience that is interested in Poodles.  Think about who you are reaching out to. reaches out to those who are just beginning or needing assistance with their online business efforts.  We wouldn’t get very far if we tried to assist seasoned Internet Marketers.  If you are not sure of your target audience’s needs, then more research is recommended before you start helping people.

Get Past Your Weaknesses

Let’s face it, none of us are perfect and none of us are perfect at everything.  We all have a weakness or two.  Yes, you need to be concerned about your weaknesses.  The best thing you can do is to concentrate on your strengths and build up your weaknesses so that they get stronger.  Remember, your weaknesses are assets too.  They are just not as strong as your other assets.  Here’s one of mine that will surprise you.  Wording is one of my weaknesses, and yet I wrote this article.  Any weakness gets stronger over time if you work on it. 

Be Unstoppable When It Comes To Value

It’s like never settling for second best.  Your product and information should be of top value and your efforts or focus should be relentless.  People should come to know when they take a look at what you are presenting, that it is top quality.  You’ll attract quite a following this way.  This will impact your reputation.  After all, would you settle for second best?  No, right ?  Of course not.  So why would others.  Putting an all out effort into your business will show as obvious in your outcome/income.

Build An Email List

This is your greatest asset online.  If you are not doing this, you are short changing yourself.  If you’re going to have a email list, you’ll need a lead magnet and obviously a sales funnel.  There are many companies online that can aide you in your email list needs.  Our favorite is Mailpoet, available in the WordPress Plugin Repository.  A Lead Magnet is something you offer someone in exchange for their email address. 

Reevaluate your tools

Take a look at your tools and not the hammer or shovel in the garage either.  The kind of tools I’m referring to are the ones you’re using for your online business.   Sometimes, it’s best to reassess what you have.  The Internet is a treasure trove of resources just waiting to serve you.  For example:  If Internet Marketing is something you are contemplating jumping on board with, you can get free lessons on  If you lack the “know how” to do something, google it.  You never know what you can find online that can help you.  Don’t let lack of knowledge keep you from getting started or going forward.  I mentioned previously that wording was a problem for me.  Did I let that sideline me?  Of Course not, I got help online.  If you have an issue on keywords, you can get a neat tool to help you with that.  We have a crafty tool called Keyword Research Ninja, check it out for more details.

Make Sure You’re Mobile

Having an online presence is key for an online business. Think about this, with smart phones, more people have mobile phones than computers.  Now depending on what kind of products you offer, your customers may or may not need an actual computer.  If you offering online lessons or some other kind of media that need to be downloaded, depending on one’s cell phone capacity, they may need a computer to utilize them.   If you find that your website doesn’t look right when on a cell phone, there are plugins in the wordpress repository to accommodate this.  Yes, you’ll find if you haven’t already done so, that is accessible by mobile devices.  While social media and email lists are a must have, having access to your website via mobile devices is crucial.  Don’t deprive yourself of this portion of the internet traffic.

This isn’t an end all list of ways to get unstuck, there are many others, but these will certainly get you going in the right direction. 

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