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7 Tips To Writing Blog Posts

There many different ways, styles & methods when it comes to writing for a blog.  The easiest way would be to “just do it” or as many would say to “wing it”.  This is okay, but, unless you decide to be professional, then it’s a whole different ball game. 

So, what should you do?

Here are some tips that will uncurl your fingers to write better blog posts for your blog:

Think about what you are writing.

You want to organize your thoughts on the topic you are writing about.  While you don’t need an outline or planner to say what you want to write about, you should know what you want to say before you write about it.  You should jot down important points and do research on what you are writing about.  Know where you are going.  If you are going somewhere that you’ve never been, you map it out, well, if you didn’t you’d get lost.  To get the point across, you need to know what you are writing about and where  you are headed with  your post.

Audience knows best.

What did I mean by the “audience knows best”?  Well, who better than the audience to know what they are searching for.  If you don’t put them first and give them what they want, you’ll be lost forever in an abyss of endless worthless writing.  This is where keyword research comes to play, by doing your research, you’ll be on top of what the readers want and write posts geared to what they are looking for.  You can also search social media to find what they want too.  Don’t write to impress, write to inform.  You want your blog to have major value for your readers.  Want to impress them, then give them what they want in the form of information they seek.

Clarity rules.

What you don’t want to do is confuse your readers, be very clear about what you are writing about.  If you leave them in the fog, then you failed.  You don’t want to waist their time, so don’t waist your time blowing fog their way.  If you are going to put a lot of time in your work, make it worthwhile your readers, and it will pay off in huge dividends later.

Keyword Research.

I touched on this earlier, but need to add that you just don’t want to pick key words out of the air as air will probably be all you get if you do that.  You need to see where the trends are with key words so you know what to write about.  Just writing about any even within your niche, could lead you to wasting your time.  Good keyword research will always give your readers what they want.  You should search for keywords with volumes no higher than 1000.  And if you see a chart in your searches that show a trend line, watch for the ones that show a curvy line heading upwards if at all possible.  Basically, I’d have to say, if you not going to do keyword research, why bother writing at all.  This along with Clarity are you two most important factors to be concerned about.  There is a tool that will help you with your search engine rankings ——- >  https://www.affilorama.com/tools?aff=bisky1

Give away freebies.

Tell me something, do you like freebies?  We all do, I do.  When you give away freebies on your site, you create a sense of excitement.  Oh sure, your posts are free to read, but giving more than posts really adds to your enticement factor.  Don’t be afraid to do this, you’ll only gain from it.  Now, if you haven’t signed up for our FREE Newsletter, go for it, you’ll be able to grab our FREE report on affiliate marketing.  Even I give away Free stuff.  Check out  https://timabeck.com/free.  The more you give away for FREE the more you’ll be loved. 

Consistent posting.

I know I mentioned this in the past, be consistent and post often.  If you post randomly then you’ll confuse and/or lose some readers.  If you are going to fly on auto pilot, then you’ll eventually crash.  The more you post, the more of an audience you’ll host.  I’ll give an old illustration to get the point across, imagine or picture the hamster on the wheel, the more you spin and faster you get, the more you’ll get coming your way. 

Patience pays off.

Give your efforts time and you’ll reap your rewards.  This won’t happen over night and you shouldn’t expect it to.  Plan to invest in blogging for a long time for it to pay off.  If you are consistent and patience, you will reap your rewards.  Consider this, after some effort, you’ll start seeing some success points with success being seen at the end of the tunnel, that is of course unless you quit.  Remember this is not a hobby, you started this to be serious.  Only those who’s mission is serious will find the reward at the end of the tunnel.  I’ve just given you 7 huge tips that will make a huge difference in your writing.  How you proceed is important.  Remember, this is not like going to a 9 to 5 job, as you are not collecting a pay check.  The payment comes later after lots of work and it is well worth it.  It’s how bad you want it that will fuel your fire on the road to blogging success.  You’re here, so you must have some interest.

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