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7 tips to boost affiliate marketing sales

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Selling products and programs isn’t always as easy as it seems like it should.  You may thing, Oh, I can do this, or piece of cake sort of thing. 

When thinking of the problem a given product or program solves, or like what gives you the ability to collect email address which seems like it solves the problem of developing a email list.

Or even something like AffiloTools which helps you track sales, keyword research and more helps you consolidate all your other systems that you use to keep track and do research. 

Let’s go over some questions to consider:

Problem solving.

What do these two (AffiloTools & really accomplish for you?  The bottom line they work on helping you increase sales.

So when you think of a product, program or service, consider what it really does for you.  So, basically what is the biggest problem that is solved?  In accordance with what I just mentioned, more sales is what it solves.  This is your first question to be concerned about.

When selling something, you want to make it clear and spell it out to your customers what problem the product, program or service solves.  It needs to be clear if you expect to really make sales.

Become a Brand Ambassador

Uniqueness sells.

Is what you are offering unique?  Granted, some products, programs and services are easy to sell in this area, but others aren’t.  If you don’t spell out how what you are offering is unique or different compared to others, then you’ll end up with less sales than you should be getting.  Uniqueness is the next question.


How long will it take to get their order?  Okay, you’ve determined what problems can be solved, and whether or not it’s unique, so how long does it take for your customers to get what they need from you?  People are into instant gratification and want it now!  So, if you are not doing affiliate marketing or if you are operating a business that sells physical products, how long does it take for your customers to get what they want from you?  Be clear on this to your customers.

Urgency – Why Now?

Why should your customers “buy now”?  You need to have at least 1 clear and good reason for that.  But the more the better in supporting this reason.  You need to give a sense of urgency for selling your product, program or services.

Example – OPT-IN Software — If you don’t have a system that collects email addresses from your visitors, it will be like having a leak In your pipes, and you’ll be losing out.  You should be having a way for your visitors subscribing to your email list right away.  Recommendation – check out to seal this leak. 

Other opinions.

What do others think about this?  This is a good question to ask yourself.  Testimonials and case studies are a great way to gauge what others think.  Even product reviews is a good way to get the scoop on what you are offering. 

You could even add a poll on your blog or even in a post to get others to add their opinions.  Opinions really do have an effect on sales.

Up to date.

Is the product you are selling out of date?  If you are selling a digital product, you need to be careful, as after about 2 to 3 years of selling, you may need to review it and get it updated so as to be able to continue selling.  Shelf life on the Internet goes fast.  You can’t just assume that just because the product has sound information that it’s still good.  Times change and so does the Internet.  You could be selling an affiliate marketing course that was dated as far back as March 2015 and lacks any updates to what is currently in practice today.  This is one reason why I made changes to what I offer.

Make Changes.

What do I give up?  Yes, you read it right.  Give up something to have more time to devote to your business.  More time can translate into more sales.  What is that one item to give up?  This is hard for me too, but that one items is to watch less TV.  We’ all have become expert TV watchers, so change your focus to become an expert at your business.  There will be plenty of time for TV later.  It’s not going anywhere and it will always be there.  Besides, in most cases, watching TV is nothing more than mindless pleasure and aside from any so-called entertainment value, it’s basically a waste of your valuable and precious time.  Oh, but I have this favorite weekly show that I can’t do without.  Okay, then, that’s what, 30 minutes to an hour a week?  If it’s that important to you, then watch it, just don’t let it evolve past that in burning away your time.  Your business is far more important.  Afterall, when you are at your real job, TV watching is definitely not happening.

If you’re serious.

If you’re serious about making a living off affiliate marketing

then you have to check this out.  This is another good way to boost sales and I highly recommend it.

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I gave you 7 questions (tips) that can really help impact your sales if you apply them correctly.  I also gave you two options that you can look into to further your business efforts.  They are and Pathway to Passive, these resources are extremely valuable and very much worth your time taking advantage of.

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