7 Tips On Job Loss And Covid19

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One of the most unfortunate and hard derivatives from the Coronavirus is the loss of jobs.  This reality should have never happened, but that’s for another blog.  Some of those jobs are gone forever.   Some have to struggle looking for another job to try to reclaim a living.  There are options out there that one can make use of to rebuild their livelihoods. 

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1)- Motivation.

In times like this (Covid19), it can be hard to pay bills and/or find another job.  Some companies are holding off in hiring due to the virus.  Sometimes one can be forced into taking a job that is not as financially satisfying.  Such jobs are like fast food jobs, stores & companies like Door Dash & Uber to name a few.  I am not down playing these types of jobs, just to point out alternatives do exist and they may not necessarily be a bad thing to consider.  No one said you have to do them forever. 

Now, if years from now something like this happens again, at least then there are alternatives mentioned here that can be considered.  No, I am not predicting the future, just saying for future sake.

So let’s say you took one of those type of jobs, then what?  Perhaps now is the right time for a total career change?  You could start developing a small side venture that will grow with you while you are working that job.  Lots of people do this and then grow into something momentous.  Can this be you?  Sure it can and you’ve come to the right place.

The only difference between you and someone who is successful is the knowledge they have.  The only why you can’t is in the decisions you make.  If you say you can’t, then you can’t. 

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2)- Work from home.

Have you considered the possibility of working from home?  Lots of companies offer this option and there would be no need for social distancing and wearing a mask.  If you can’t find a job that has this option, I can give you one.

This very viable option is in affiliate marketing.  There’s no money needed to get started and you can set your own hours.  It is best to have a job while doing this so you are not pressured in making money right away with affiliate marketing as it does take some time to get off the ground.

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The overall concept of affiliate marketing is very simple as stated in that article.  You’re just providing your affiliate link to others and driving would be customers to the company’s websites to make a purchase. 

While it may seem like you are doing a lot of work, both with the job you are doing and the affiliate marketing work, the one thing you have to keep in mind is that the affiliate marketing business will eventually grow on you and depending upon your efforts and goals, could very well take over your career life, thus providing a lucrative income at best.

3)- Times like this.

During this so called down time, and taking advantage of this time, would be perfect in starting a business like this.  You will need to do some research to make sure that you are picking a niche that will thrive during times like these as even the affiliate marketing industry is being hit with an un-even impact.  Some areas are thriving while others are getting hit hard.  Don’t let yourself be turned away by this reality as if you do, you’d be turning your back away from something that is potentially profitable.  You just need to do some research to see what areas are doing well during times like this is all.   

After some research, you’d then decide what niche would work best for you and then dive in and get all the knowledge you can and work toward building your affiliate marketing business. 

4)- Job security.

There is no job loss here, and no one can fire you.  As mentioned, you need to find a niche that is thriving and work within it.  Working from home in any form is in itself is a form of job security even in times like this.  No need to be concerned about coming in contact with people, so no need of concerns about the virus.

5)- Other benefits.

You won’t be spending money on gas for your car, going out to eat for lunch if you were accustomed to doing that.  Up keep and wear and tear on your car will not be a concern.  More time with family.  Setting your own hours and being your own boss if you are not telecommuting. 

6)- Negative aspects.

I should point out some cons about the work from option as it would not be good if I didn’t.  You’d be responsible for the care and maintenance of your computer systems and peripherals.  You’d want to make sure you back up your work incase of some sort of loss or computer related crash, as you’d want to be able to restore your files if need be.  Keep records of all your finances, passwords etc.

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7)- Researching.

A good way to start researching affiliate marketing would be to research about covid19 effect on affiliate marketing and use that as a starting point.  Keep in mind that you are looking for areas that are thriving in times like this.  Research will be one of your important usages of time in this business.  So this is a good time to start that facet.  Make notes of your findings and take note of any opportunities you find during your research.  You should only concentrate efforts with one niche and one blog in the beginning.  You will find that you’ll have a lot to do with just one niche/blog let alone having more than one.  So it’s best to become an expert in one area first so as to become an effective person of influence which is in effect your ultimate goal in a business like this.  You can never do too much research.


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