6 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Affiliate Marketing

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Like any other business, what you don’t know can hurt your efforts.  It’s always best to stay on top of your game and the best way to do that is to never stop researching or learning.  We’re going to dive into some secrets, that you may or may not already know.  There’s a lot to know about affiliate marketing and your best friend is you giving yourself time to learn as you go acquiring the skills and knowledge you need to evolve into a person of influence.  Right off the bat, and in addition to the secrets listed below, check out these 3 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Affiliate Marketing.

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Let’s expose these secrets about affiliate marketing:

1)- Landing pages – While having a website or blog is a HUGE advantage, you can get by without one.  Also, if you do decide to have one, you don’t have to go to any elaborate means to have one.  A simple landing page with an OPT-IN box to collect emails will suffice.  Just be sure to make it professional looking and get a clear point across.  The more eye catching and design effort you put into it the more it will attract your readers.

If you need to look into creating your website, check out Siteground.com as they have all that you need.

2)- Country Blocking – While you would think you should have your website open to the whole world, that is not necessarily a good thing.  Not all countries are created equal in friendliness.  Some security type plugins offer country blocking as part of a PRO feature, but you can get a country blocking plugin with a free option in the wordpress repository.  I highly recommend the plugin IP Location Block.  It’s easy to use and set up.  This plugin replaces the old plugin IP Geo Blog.  If you don’t block according to countries, you could be setting yourself up for malicious attack.

The Wordfence Security plugin offers country blocking as part of it’s PRO version, so if you have the free version, you can upgrade and get country blocking.

If you decide to get this plugin or are using another option and need to know what the country code is for a given country check out https://www.countrycode.org/

3)- Empower yourself – Never stop learning.  The best way to grow in affiliate marketing is to continually acquire knowledge and skills.  After a few years, you’ll be amazed on what you have acquired both in your knowledge and skills as well as you’re over all business.  You have to be willing to dive in and devote yourself to your cause.   With the research you do or should be doing, you learn about things every day.  Don’t be afraid to sign up for a given site’s newsletter as you can unsubscribe anytime and return if you decide to later.   In the mean time subscribe to our FREE newsletter and gain access to proven methods.  Ever wonder how the pro’s got to be pro’s?  They had to start somewhere just like you and they never gave up, they just kept evolving. We’re affiliated with Wealthy Affiliate which I highly recommend to aide in empowering you in your affiliate marketing journmey. Simply go to our Getting Started page to get empowered.

4)- Advertising – In addition to all the ways you can advertise your business, whether it be social media, classified online ads etc, Word of mouth advertising and Flyers with pull tabs on them.  With word of mouth, you never know who you’ll come in contact with of those needing what you have to offer.  For the flyers, a little leg work is needed as you’ll have to distribute them to some public places, like gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores etc.   Some places require permission before posting.  These are great ways to save on advertising especially if you are just starting your business.

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5)- Plan your business – I’ve come to know about the “fixed affiliate marketing business plan.  There is that old adage, don’t have a plan, then plan to fail.  With this fixed affiliate marketing business plan, you would plan your business for monthly, weekly and daily for your business.  I would also recommend quarterly as well, but that’s me.

6)- Affiliate Marketing is focused on the business – The dark bold truth of it is that the companies don’t care if you don’t know how to market their products as you are not on their payroll.  They are only concerned about the top performers.  For most affiliate marketers in the beginning are nothing more than a free source of advertising, thus promoting their products and services.  Top performers stick with it and keep evolving to accomplish their goals.  


These 6 secrets are essential tips that will get you going in the direction of planning your business the right way.  Planning is crucial and all businesses plan what they are doing.  You have a wealth of information at your disposal on Timabeck.com in our blog section.  You also can have access to more proven methods by going to our Getting Started page.  It doesn’t matter where you are with affiliate marketing, beginner through intermediate. 

The more skills and knowledge you acquire the more solid your foundation is as you progress with your affiliate marketing business. 

Go to our Getting Started page now and start reinforcing yourself.

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