7 Links That’ll Make You a Better Affiliate Marketing Beginners

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Some affiliate marketing gurus’ frown on the idea of linking to other websites on the grounds that you should keep your visitors local on your own website.  The downfall to that is that one would be doing without the benefit of back linking.  Traffic is important to affiliate marketers and having multiple sources really pays.

We don’t have a growing directory of website links, but we do share some now and then and you can find these below.  These are ones we recommend.  There are some listed below that we are not affiliated with, but that doesn’t mean they are not good reputable sites.

Stop being Virtually Couched

Here are some links that can really make a difference in your affiliate marketing efforts:

1)- Geniuslink – Increase your chances to turn clicks into commissions with Geniuslink than any other platform or plugin. (**)

2)- AffiloTools  – Have all your tools in one place.  A range of internet marketing tools that pulls data from MOZ, SEM Rush.  This is brought to you by Affilorama.com.  Helps raise search engine rankings.  Makes you more productive.  Helps uncover hidden market opportunities.  This is a must have for affiliate marketers.

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3)- OptinMonster.com – Convert and Monetize your website traffic.  Stop losing your visitors and start growing your email list.  Your email list will thrive with OptinMoster.com. 

4)- Shareasale.com – Shareasale is one of the largest affiliate networks and is now part of AWIN.  AWIN is another very large affiliate marketing network founded in Germany. (**)

5)- Flexoffers – Flexoffers is another huge affiliate marketing network with over 10 years of experience in the field.  (**)

6)- Webstarts.com – Webstarts.com is another very good platform to create and host your website.  We recommend them and you can create a website for free.

7)- Website Promotion – Need marketing ideas to promote your website?  Ready to think outside the box?

See through the lies

Something to realize.

I went over 7 very useful links that will benefit you in your affiliate marketing efforts.  But you should be aware that of all the good links out there, there some bad ones to be aware of.  Yes, unfortunately there are some potholes in the road of affiliate marketing to stere clear of.  Here are some types to watch out for:

a)- No Value Affiliates – These are affiliates who try to capture or steal one’s commissions while the customer is already engaged with an affiliate in their shopping cart.  Somehow the would-be last in affiliate or no-value affiliate attempts to divert and capture the sale.  These types offer very little or no value to customers in the realm of affiliate marketing.

b)- Unprincipled Affiliates – These unprincipled or unethical affiliates practice a type of deceptive marketing strategies to collect commissions.  Some falsely representing a product or program.

c)- Skewed Incentives – These skewed or misaligned incentives are a result of very little room for checks an balances and can lead to fraudulent and other improper activities.

Credit – I gave a brief description of these bad apples, and rather than to go into in depth explanation of these three bad affiliate types, I am providing the link as to where I got the gist of this information that I think is invaluable:

Check out:  https://www.zenbusiness.com/blog/affiliate-marketing-dangers/

Note:  (**) = This site listed above not affiliated with Timabeck.com


There are a great many websites out there that are of great value to affiliate marketers and these were just the tip of the iceberg.  All sites listed have been reviewed by Timabeck.com to some degree.  We strive to only share information that presents a good fit to our mission. 

Timabeck.com is a hub for all things affiliate marketing and it’s mission is to work with you in forging a very strong foundation in affiliate marketing.

Another link to consider is if you haven’t yet done so, is to visit our Getting Started page and follow the 3 easy steps including signing up for our FREE Lessons Newsletter.  This will give you access to more proven methods which is a must have for affiliate marketers.

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