7 Good Copywriting Tips For Beginners

Whether or not you’ve developed an online presence, one thing is certain, you’ll need a website.  Social Media is very important and is necessary in drawing attention to your work.  But, having a website is imperative in one’s online success.  Yes, you can make do without one, but why limit yourself.  So regardless where you’re at with establishing your online presence, if you’re ready to start creating your website, the most important thing you need to be concerned about is “good copywriting”.    Now, if you are reading this and you’re thinking “say what?”  Then you need to realize how important this is.  Good Copywriting can make a difference In making money online.  Some people will just simply leave your website without even seeing all you have to offer with poor copywriting.  Anyone with a bit of knowledge can design a website, but it’s how you design it that can make all the difference.   

Here are 7 tips to start with:

Some tricks to keep in mind.

You want your content eye catching and visually stunning.  Your aim is to catch your reader’s attention.  Making use of good type fonts that are easy to read are important.

Short paragraphs with a variety of bold, italicizing, and underlining font styles helps with catching the reader’s attention.  You’ll want to include headings and subheadings to give your content more structure. 

If you’re writing posts, you’ll also want to have a good SEO plugin installed.  This type of plugin will guide you in what you need to finish in your post, like internal and external links, tags, meta tags, nofollow links and more. 

Do more Research.

Oh yes, that dreaded “R” word again as In “Research”.  The more you know, the more you’ll grow.  There’s nothing wrong about being tenacious when it comes to research.  In fact it is found that the best copywriters are very tenacious about doing research.  You can’t possibly overload yourself with information.  By having a boat load of information, you create endless possibilities to work with and also do away with writers block. 

Give your audience what they want.

That about says it, but be simple and clear when delivering your content to your readers.  If you are writing about “Internet Marketing”, you wouldn’t write about selling cars over the internet.  Yes, in a way it is a form of internet marketing, but as crude as an example as it was, it’s not the same thing.  You want to know who your target audience is so you can give them what they want.  A better example would be that I am writing about Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing for beginners.  Therefore my target audience is beginners.  Seasoned Marketers would not normally be concerned with content that I write about.  Unless there is something in the content that caught there eye.  Do plenty of research and don’t be afraid to do a readers survey now and then to gauge what they want.  Checkout Surveymonkey.com to create your own survey, it’s free.

Emotion Sells.

Want more conversions?  Put some emotion into your copy.  If you can reach the heart of your readers, you’ll make conversions.  This will make your copy more memorable to your readers.  Basically you are creating a sense of Urgency for your readers to jump on board.  It’s not that you want to make them feel warm, fuzzy and cozy while reading your posts, you want to inspire a sense of urgency to get them to answer a call to action with your campaigns.  Also you need  to build trust with your users / readers.  The better you are at achieving an emotional connection with your readers / prospects, the more likely you’ll make sales.

Font Styles Matter.

Do you have a font style that you prefer?  Be careful about that.  Just because you like it, doesn’t mean that it is good for you.  You want your font style to be big enough and clear enough to be read for one thing.  Google does have it’s take on this issue.  Font sizes smaller than 12pt can be harder to read on mobile devices.  Depending upon the font style, the recommended size range is 12 px to 15px.   If you’re not sure, using a font size of 16px or higher is a good place to start.  If you are reading this article, our font size is 20px (a medium font) according to wordpress. 

Watch your language.

You want to be able to speak to a wide range of people as they find your articles.  You want to be clear and concise in a way that anyone reading it can understand what you are saying.  You may have someone who never even heard of what you are talking about and is reading your post for the first time and if you go over their head, they’re gone.  Don’t misunderstand this, they may need what you are saying but you only have one chance to make a good first impression.  If you can speak to a wide range of people, your chances of a much bigger audience is possible as is your conversions.

Mistakes Matter.

Don’t “blow off” your mistakes as they do matter.  Avoid spelling errors and make your copy grammatically correct.  Your work is a work of art and if you want to make a good impression, perfection matters.  Using the example from “Watch your Language”, “you may have someone who never heard of what you are talking about” and if they find your work sloppy, you have a chance in losing them if they don’t like what they see.  If you are posting just to get it out there, it will be obvious.  If you are serious about what you are doing, put that seriousness in your work.  Try using Microsoft Word or some other software to create your posts/articles first.  When you are sure you are finished, paste it into your blog editor and work on finalizing it before scheduling or publishing it.

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