7 Copywriting Tips To Close The Sale – Part 2

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In the past post – 7 Copy Writing Tips To Close The Sale – Part 1 I went over how there are many people searching on the internet for answers to their needs, problems and questions and even when they think they found the answers, they are sometimes hesitant in “buying into” the solution offered.  One of the reasons for this is that many want something for nothing.  You need to find ways to solve their pain.  This is more than a continuation of the previous post, it covers 7 more tips to close the sale.

Closing the sale is very important, to do this, you need to convince your potential customer that you can take away their pain, solve their issue.  This is where good copy-writing comes into play.

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1)- Don’t overdo it – Keep it simple when you create content.  You don’t want to over complicate what you are trying to get across to your readers.  They know what they are searching for and keeping it simple can be very effective.

2)- Know your topic – When writing your content, you want to come through as though you know what you are talking about.  Your readers can tell that.  This is why I always mention that when you do your research, it’s more than just for your readers as it’s for you too.

You can never do too much research unless it gets in the way of your routine.  Research is very valuable and should not be over looked.  Skills and knowledge take time to acquire and it will have a positive impact on what you are doing.

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3)- Show a sense of Urgency – You need to convey a sense of urgency with your call to action.  Your readers need to feel compelled and rightfully motivated to “go for it”. 

4)- Break it up – Keep your paragraphs short, use plenty of breaks.  This makes for better skimming through for those who are searching.  It also makes it easier to read.  A lot of people are like guided missiles homing in on exactly what they want and it’s important to make your content easy to skim and read through.  Your content can make the difference in convincing the potential customer to make a sale.

5)- Use Emotion – This can make a difference along with the sense of urgency.  As emotion brings about sales, your copy should show emotion.  Customers justify their purchase with logic, so without emotion, a sale is less likely.  If a customer is dealing with a problem and needs a specific item, they will be full of different emotions especially if you present the solve that they need.  Your buyers always remember how they feel after a purchase, so if their happy and had a good experience, they’ll be back.

6)- Reality – You need to home in on how their reality is along with using emotion to move toward the sale.  The previous 5 tips will go along way in helping you to convince your customer what it would be like without the product.

7)- Gain Knowledge – Never stop learning, sign up for our FREE Lessons newsletter and add more skills and knowledge to your armory.  This is very empowering and can make a difference in your business.

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Good copy-writing can make a major difference with your readers and there are a number of posts on t his subject in our blog.  Showing that you have good empathy and a understanding of what the customer needs is crucial.  These 2 posts, part 1 and part 2 were to move you in that direction to get you to appeal to the customer’s needs and pains.  You need to have given people a reason to do what you tell them to do or to get them to the point where they trust you enough that the sale is as good as made.

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