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7 Affiliate Marketing Tips And Tricks

The more you know the more you’ll grow, and that is true with almost anything.  The more tricks you have up your sleeve, the better you’ll be at standing out ahead of the crowd.  Never stop learning, even if you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer, someone new or up and coming can always develop something that can make a difference.

Here are some tricks to add to your tool chest:

Know Your Audience:

   You do want to know who your audience is and what they want, but you also want to know how to tell the difference between those who are interested and those who are just passing by.  This can be done by understanding who are returning visitors and subscribers.  If you get them to subscribe, then you got them!  You should have a way to track the stats on your website like google analytics.  Then you can see who is new and returning visitors.  But back to knowing your audience, you need to provide content that is relevant to your readers.  As an example you wouldn’t want to write about menu planning recipes on a blog that has to with a handy man’s tools.  Another example would be a blog on road racing in which the topic is on running.  So you wouldn’t want to have that on blog about Nascar or some other automobile racing.  You get the point, be careful how you choose  your niche and audience.

Select Affiliate Products Carefully:

Any affiliate product or program I offer, is first reviewed and thought through first before I offer it to my readers.  This is really important.  I not only decide if it fits on my blog, I also consider if it’s something that is worth offering to affiliate marketers.

Remember, it’s your blog, not the sponsors.  While you do have to respect their guidelines, if things don’t workout very well, you can always terminate the relationship with a given sponsor in the same manor they can with you.

Trustworthy, Transparency & Timing:

The 3 T’s in providing good quality content to your readers.  This may sound simple but it’s important. 

Trustworthy – All three of these T’s go together in having your readers trust you in providing good quality content.  If you lose your readers trust, you lost any gain.  Integrity is another quality here that goes together as you want to stay true to your readers.

Transparency – Not only talk the talk, walk the walk and be there for your readers.  If they reach out to you, be prepared to respond back.

Timing – Stay consistent in your posting.  If you do one post a week, keep it that way.  If they can expect you on a regular basis, then they can count on you.

Remember, it’s your repeating visitors that will aide in driving your traffic. 

Patients Pays Off:

You have to take it one step at a time and be patient.  It will take a while but your patients and perseverance will pay off.  Affiliate revenue grows and builds up with time.  Nothing happens overnight.  Affiliate Programs are not meant as a get rich quick plan.  Like any business it takes time.  Think of it as a snow ball at the top of a hill.  They usually start small and as they start rolling down the hill, they get bigger. 

FREE is good:

 You like free stuff and you like to take advantage of Free things too especially as you develop your business.  So, don’t be afraid to offer FREE options to your audience as well.  Having options to offer FREE to people helps start developing a foundation for them.  It’s a good place for your readers to start.  FREE leads to dollar signs.  Free is very attractive to your audience.  This is another reason why I aligned myself with Affilorama, they offer quite a lot of FREE stuff on their site which is especially beneficial for those starting out.  You can check them out to see what all they offer here –à

Stay Relevant.

The content you provide should be current and relevant to your audience.  You should also consider having your content Evergreen where as you content is always current and relevant so as you help keep you from going back in updating old content to stay up to date with current information.  I should also point out that if you are making use of PLR – Private Label Products, they too can become outdated as well.  You wouldn’t want to offer a product that was popular 3 years ago or more.  Even 2 years is pushing it.  The only people you’d be fooling is those who are not as experienced, but you do want to maintain a level of integrity and trust.  Another problem that goes along with PLR products is if you do make use and/or offer them, every 2 to 3 years, you’d have to go through the tireless effort of replacing those products as they start to become outdated.  This is why we at have shied away from theses products.  You have enough to do than to spend valuable time in unnecessary research.

You’ll also want to keep an eye on your affiliate products and programs to make sure they don’t become lazy and outdated.  If you suspect that, don’t be afraid to reach out to those companies and inquire about future updates.  I’ve done that and if you present yourself in a professional manner, you’ll get a good response from those companies.

Above all, your content comes first, affiliate products and programs come second.  Without your content, there is no blog. 

Offer a Newsletter.

This is a valuable option to have for your audience.  It’s valuable for bot you and your readers.  You both get something out of it.  You should offer something for FREE in exchange for their email address.  You get their contact info and they get tons of content via email and something for FREE right away.  It’s a win win situation that really does matter.  While we’re on this subject, how about signing up for our FREE newsletter.

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