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7 Affiliate Marketing Hacks You Need To Know 2022

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Things seem to change from year to year and affiliate marketing is no different.  If you don’t keep up with the trends, you could be missing out on opportunities.  You should also make sure your blog is up to date if you don’t keep your content Evergreen (green).

Let’s expose those hacks…

1)- Trending – Always check on the latest trends in your niche to keep up with what is going on.  This is a must to ensure you are on top of things.  A rude wake up call is what you’ll get If you neglect doing this.  As an example, the pandemic changed things to the point where while it was going on, people were only ordering things pertaining to being at home.  So, a switch to more appropriate items was needed that was for those not wanting to go out and about.

2)- Email campaigns – If you are not actively using email campaigns, you should be as Email Campaigns have the highest return on investment and are becoming quite popular.  Even if you don’t have a website or blog, there is no longer any reason not to use email campaigns as there is a resource available to handle this for you.  If your newsletter system allows for segmenting your subscribers, that is a recommended option to make use of as it gets content to your subscribers that they are looking for.

3)- Jump into video marketing – Video marketing is growing in popularity especially in 2021 as it’s consuming the Internet.  I recently started having bi-weekly video casts and I’ve never done them before, so just because you haven’t tackled this, don’t let that stop you.  The two most popular trends in video marketing are live and branded.  The beauty of live video is that it is interactive with the audience.

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4)- Create engaging content – Creating educating posts is one thing but you need to go beyond that as they are great for generating traffic.  But nowadays it’s prudent to be engaging with our readers.  What’s growing in popularity now is novel content, in the form of either polls, quizzes and contests where people can vote and/or share their opinions on a particular topic.  You can also encourage comments in your posts to ask for opinions.

5)- Don’t neglect SEO – There are those who believe that SEO isn’t relevant, but that is not true.  Try creating a post without keywords and say good bye to organic traffic.  If you don’t do keyword research, pay attention to what is trending and do other seo edits that deal with the formatting of your content so your posts are seen by the search engines correctly, you could be missing out on driving people to your website or blog.  SEO is very crucial and is only getting more important as time moves on. 

There are some really good SEO plugins in the wordpress repository that can accommodate your SEO needs, just type in SEO and search for them. 

6)- Word of mouth or WOM – This is still trending and can go a long way as lots of people don’t have direct contact with the internet except for their mobile devices.   This type of advertising is so hugely important as others take your word for it and go for it.  Another hardly used aspect in addition to word of mouth is to use pull-tab flyers at local paces like gas stations, grocery stores etc.  Trust me, WOM and Pull-Tab flyers work, I’ve used them.  Pull-Tab flyers are kind of like a crude way of WOM.

7)- AI Technology – Yes, Artificial Intelligence has entered the arena of affiliate marketing, digital marketing and online marketing.  One really useful tool which helps you cut down on research and composing time in the area of composing content.  This proven tool works and I use it, it’s called Rytre.me and has a free option.  This is a hack, as if you are pressed for time and having trouble with a topic, you can get past that with this new AI software.

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