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6 Tips To Design Your Blog For Success

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How you design your blog is just as important as how you write your posts.  Think of it this way, how motivated would you be to walk into a trashy looking store or business?  The same goes for your online location.  Your website or blog is a kind of online real estate.  You need to take great care in your blog’s design as it’s the front door to your business.  If someone lands on your site and it looks trashy, they’re gone, thus a loss of business.  You need to put your heart and pride into the development into each and every page of your blog as it will yield huge dividends.  If you get nothing else out of the following tips, at least take this introduction seriously.  Let’s expose these tips to get you working on designing your blog:

Theme matters.

I’m going over this one first as it is a big deal.  Yes, you can get a lot of free themes on the internet, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.  In this case you paid nothing.  The more you are willing to pay out to design a theme, the bigger the dividends.  I won’t deny that you can get some pretty cool and professional themes for free, but you have to put some diligence in finding one.  The theme makes the blog and the right theme can make a huge difference. 

We have 2 theme options for you that you can take a look at, and these options area already on fire and will get you moving.  Of these theme options, one of them, you put in all the work, and the other does all the work for you.  Check out either My Review Of Themeco or Money Making Machines.  Before you concern yourself with anything else, the theme is where it counts.  How bad do you want a traffic attracting and conversion generating machine.

Colors and images.

The right colors do matter in your blog’s layout.  Simply going with the colors, you like, may not be the right thing to do as far as the success of your blog.  The wrong color mix can adversely affect the readability of your blog’s pages and thus have a negative impact on your brand’s identity and overall appreciation.  As per example:  blue represents characteristics like reliance, stability, and trust and red, therefore represents boldness and confidence.  The impact on your audience is important and you want to give them a good experience.

You also want to make sure that your images are of the right size and location on your blog.  They say a lot to your readers.  There’s truth in the saying “a picture paints a 1000 words”.

Plugins matter.

Not necessarily from an external design point of view, but plugins do matter within the internal design of how a blog looks, and functions.  You need to use only what you need and not 100 plugins.  The fewer the better but use the ones that count in as far as your needs.  Too many plugins can interfere with how your site loads and can also crash your site if one plugin has problems after being updated.  Thus, it effected another plugin.  Some plugins can also play a role in the design of your blog or website.  Priority plugins types includes:  Security, email opt-in, newsletter to name a few.  Just because a plugin is “cool” doesn’t mean it has a place in your blog. 

Site Security.

I kind of just touched on this in prior section, but you need to immediately add security to your blog even before it’s fully live.  I highly recommend Wordfence Security.  There is a PRO version, but FREE works well.  If you don’t have security, you may eventually not have a blog to write on.  Wordfence Security, once activated will “learn” your blogs overall activity.  Then you can fully activate it to start protecting.

Page names.

There are at least 6 different ways to have your pages set within wordpress.  Ranging from Plain, day and time, month and name, numeric, post name, and custom structure.  The most widely used and recommended format is the post name.  It’s easy for your readers to remember what page they were on using this format.  It just makes more sense this way.  There is yet another custom option where you would have Category and name for more elegant blogs that post multiple posts in a day.  Now picking the right permalink structure really depends on the blog.  What would make more sense for your blog matters.  This is something you have to really consider if you feel that the Post name option doesn’t quite fit your blog.

Think SEO

Post Edits.

Even putting together your blog posts ls like creating another page on your blog and you need to take care during the edits.  Everything from keyword research, images, hyperlinks etc.  Each post you write creates an avenue for organic traffic to find it’s way to your website or blog.  Simply writing a blog post isn’t enough.  You have to be just as meticulous in doing the edits.  A poorly constructed blog post can lead to a loss of readers.  So if you are going to put in the time to do the research and composing, definitely go the extra mile in SEO.

Check out — >  Ultimate Guide To Blog Post Editing Tips – Part 1.


As you can see, I didn’t go over assisting you in actually designing your blog, that wasn’t the point of this post.  It was show you the crucial areas in blog design that really matter.  I’ve seen many blogs out there and some our very basic and others really look like a ton of work was put into them.  Visual quality really does count and so does the internal makeup of your blog.  Most people looking over your blog have very little idea or understanding of what is going on inside or underneath all the content they are reading.

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