5 Useful Tools For More affiliate marketing Sales

In any endeavor or task, it always pays to have the right tools to help you complete your work.  Affiliate marketing is no different.  There are many tools that an affiliate marketer can make use of to improve your game.  Your best tool, which isn’t a tool at all is you and the research you do.  Without useful tools, it would be much harder to reach your goals.  The following are proven tools that will improve your game:

1)- AffiloTools – Includes A range of internet marketing tools that pulls data from MOZ, SEM Rush, Twitter, Facebook and more.  You can have access to all you do in one place with AffilioTools.  Keyword research, conversions, traffic and more.  Also includes such tools as backlink checker that exposes the backlinks from a website or blog.  It also includes such tools as to allow you to monitor social media.  AffiloTools is for anyone, from beginner to advanced.  Click the link for more details.  AffiloTools is made available through Affilorama.com of which we are an affiliate member.  This is a trust tool that will cover a lot of areas for you.

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2)-  OptinMonster.com – has your back covered with email marketing.  How you collect your emails is important.  Having the right tools can make the difference.  OptinMonster.com is a powerful tool to satisfy your email marketing needs.  OptinMonster.com is always concerned about helping their customers gain competitive business advantage.   Ensure that your website or blog is efficiently set for the power of automation.  You need to also make your Opt-In box very easy to find and available on most pages so your readers don’t have a hard time finding it.

3)- PowerAdSpy.com – With PowerAdSpy.com, you can profit without spending any money testing Ads that don’t work and that’s important for affiliate marketers.  Poweradspy is a very powerful database that has Social Ads advertisements which provides top solutions to Advertisers (affiliate marketers), and others such as Media Buyers, Ad agencies, etc.  So, you can spy on their competitor’s Social Media Ads.

Timabeck.com Is affiliated with PowerAdSpy.com and we highly recommend it. 

4)- TheHOTH.com – Is a very powerful site that includes many features and services for online & affiliate marketers.  They have a keyword checker and Blog Topic Generator which is very handy.  I use this site all the time.  While I am not yet affiliated with TheHOTH.com, I do highly recommend them.  In short, TheHOTH helps with SEO, Content Marketing, & PPC.


5)- Affilorama.com – Affilorama.com is a very powerful and empowering affiliate marketing website that offers tons of free lessons and other resources.  Not only do I highly recommend Affilorama.com I am affiliated with them and I offer them as our main way to learn affiliate marketing as it is a vital resource for affiliate marketers.  They provide a step-by-step beginners guide to walk you through to getting started with affiliate marketing.

You’ll have a sense of confidence that you can move forward with this business.  With Affilorama.com, you’ll be able to promote other people’s stuff and make money for yourself online.  Affilorama.com as a lot of insight on affiliate marketing, email marketing & website design and a lot more.  Becoming a member of Affilorama.com is FREE.


With these tools, you’ll be able to move forward in confidence as you have an arsenal that is capable of providing for your needs.  We highly recommend each of these tools for that reason.  We only recommend companies that we feel that would be a good match with Timabeck.com.  For more proven methods and to gain access to other resources, go to our Getting Started page. 

Note: While I mentioned resources from Affilorama.com, I am no longer promoting Affilorama.com, but you are welcomed to take advantage of them and I am still affiliated with Affilorama.

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