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5 Tips To Create Worthwhile Content

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Your single most important time-consuming responsibility is to create content for your readers.  With our day-to-day responsibilities, this ranks as the highest as you want to ensure that you are giving your readers what they want.  To be a high-quality content writer, you want to do plenty of research and take the time needed to forge crisp eye-catching content that your readers expect. 

Here are some questions to consider about content writing to help uncover any issues you may be having:

Why Time Consuming?

In addition to the time that it takes to write the content, one has to also do research which can consist of coming up with the article topic and then the research needed to create the content for that article.  I’ve even started a post and a day or two later “trashed” it and started all over as I wasn’t happy with its content or direction.  Your blog is prime real estate and you want to be very picky what you publish to it.  Your audience is very important to you and you need to take good care of them.  If you need help in the area of tips on blog writing, then check this article out:  9 Tips For Proper Blog Writing Formats.

Creating Content

What Is Your Why?

What does this have to do with creating content you’re thinking?  Well, the effort, urgency, and quality of what you are putting into your content writing will show through on your content.  If your why isn’t very strong, or if this is just a hobby to you, then you’ll reap the rewards at the level of how strong your why is.  If this is very important to you, your readers will know it.  You should be excited about the work you are doing and forging ahead with drive and determination.  If you why is as weak as a dim light bulb, then maybe you need to rethink what you are doing and why. 

Here’s my why:  I had to learn the hard way on a lot of what I write about and I don’t what others to go through all of what I had to.  I endeavor to provide products and services that fit what is all about, which is a hub for all things Affiliate Marketing.  Building a strong foundation is what it’s all about and without a strong foundation, you’ll efforts will sink.  One shouldn’t have to search high and low for what they need.

So as you can see, your Why has to be important to you if it is to be strong enough to be your driving force with your affiliate marketing business.  Yes, you are into this to make sales, but your why is more than about making money even though that is really important too.

What are you lacking?

If you are struggling with your content creation, then you may need to take trainings to help fill in the gaps to improve your writing abilities.  You can find lots of free trainings online.  You shouldn’t have to pay for these types of trainings if you find the right ones.  A good website to learn about copy writing is called Enchanting Marketing, check it out.  It’s a good place to start in learning copy writing.  There’s a free writing course that you can subscribe to with no obligation.

Blog post editing tips

Do you like what you wrote?

If you reach the end of what you are writing and you don’t like it?  Then don’t publish it, trash it.  I mentioned this when I went over how time-consuming creating content is.  Don’t settle for second best.  Consider this, if you don’t like it, will others?  Picture if you will the writer with a typewriter constantly crumbling up paper and throwing it away as he or she didn’t like what they were writing.  This could be the result of not enough research or just trying to rush it.  If you don’t like your finished work, that is your warning that you need to “go back to the drawing board” as the age old saying goes and start over.  Yes, you want traffic, and yes, you want sales, and yes, you want sign ups, but with poor content, comes poor results.  It also doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion on your work.  Have someone else proof read it and see what they think.

How are you finding topics?

About how are you finding topics to write about in your niche?  This could be part of your problem if you are having issues.  If you find that you are burning away larges blocks of time in creating content, then perhaps it’s what you are writing about.  Here are some suggestions in finding topics to write about:

  1. Find topics through keyword research – You’ll find what other people are searching for and know you are writing about topics of interest.
  2. Get Feedback – Do surveys online with your audience and see what they are interested in.
  3. Empathize with your readers – How are they feeling, what are they looking for?  What would you want if you were in their shoes?
  4. Gage your competition – What are they doing?  Get little snippets from others and use that as a starting point in creating content.  Avoid plagiarism when doing this as that isn’t professional and it’s not legal.
  5. Planning the outcome – Where are you heading with the content you are writing?  What are you trying to accomplish with it.  What is it’s point or focus?  These are points to consider when planning your content.

Having trouble getting your content writing done on time.

There is a proven resource that can help you with your copywriting needs and it is called and it can save you tons of time and effort on your copywriting efforts.  There is a free and pro version.  I use this myself and have created some quality posts with it.

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I just gave you 5 tips to help uncover possible issues with your content creation in helping you get past those specific issues.  Content creation is very important and is to be taken seriously.  Creating good content doesn’t have to be a chore and there is plenty of resources available.  If you find that you need more assistance, you can find what you need from Affilorama, they have it all, click the link below.

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