Tips on how to find affiliate programs in your niche

5 Tips on how to find affiliate programs in your niche

So, you chose your niche, and you now need to find profitable affiliate programs that will be compatible with you and your blog.  Why did I say it that way you ask?  You want to be diligent when you search for an affiliate program for your blog.  You don’t want just any product or programs to offer.  You want to search for the “best fit”.  You are choosing a company to be an affiliate with.  So, it “pays” to be picky.  When I search for an affiliate product or program, I make sure it is a good fit for my blog and that it is a top notch product or program.  After all, if I am not happy with it, will my audience be happy with it?  Don’t be afraid to review the company you are looking at and find out all that it offers you the potential affiliate. 

Not created equal.

One company may offer something another company doesn’t.  Also, one’s commission may quite higher than the other.  You work hard for the work you are putting in, and you want to get paid enough for it.  It’s your blog (real estate) and you get to decide things.  Now of course, you do have to comply with there terms an conditions, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept the first offer or company you run into.  Researching companies pays off in the end for your bottom line.

Does it really fit your blog?

You want to make sure that the program or product you are considering really is a good fit for you audience.  While yes you are in it to make money, you don’t want to add just any program or product.  Everything you choose should in some way fit appropriately to your blog.  Just because you find something that pays well, doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for your blog.  Besides If you would choose something that doesn’t quite fit your blog, the chances of making a sale would be slim as the people on your blog aren’t looking for that product.  Remember you are providing top notch content, products and/or programs to your audience and you want to keep their needs in mind when deciding what you are providing.

Finding the right program.

It doesn’t have to be complicated in finding the right program.  You should stay within your chosen niche.  There is resources available for you to accomplish this.  Affilorama has what you need to find an affiliate program. 

The nice thing is you can join Affilorama for FREE and they have a ton of free stuff for you to make use of.  There is no reason that you have to go it alone and do it all without any resources to help you.  With the price being right – FREE, you are just a click a way to getting the help you need to fast track your way to success. 

Affilorama has a lesson that helps you with finding the right affiliate marketing program and it also provides some steps for you to follow in accomplishing this.  They have FREE Lessons that help you in this area.  Check them out at

You may from time to time receive an invitation from other affiliate programs and that is alright.  Just keep in mind what I’ve already said, just because they give you an offer, doesn’t mean it’s a good fit. 

High priced products and upsells.

Don’t pass by those high priced products, it may seem like they would be hard to sell, but if you believe in you products or niche, then you also need to consider high priced products.  If you want high revenue to collect those commissions, then you need to do it.  Be open to sell both high and low priced products to be able to appeal to a wider range of users. 

Now, another way to gain good commissions is with upsells, this is when a consumer has purchased his/her initial product and is offered various other products at the time of purchase.  For you the affiliate, if a consumer takes advantage of an upsell, that means the commission increases.  The affiliate program that you decide to join, should have trainings to inform you on matters like this.

Programs from competitors.

If you want to expand your reach and commission gains after attaining some success, consider finding and joining affiliate programs from competitors of your affiliate program.  When you provide your audience additional products in related categories, or competitors, this will increase your chances for conversions.  Your customers will have access to even more options to choose from as being part of your audience.  Now remember, make sure the products and programs fit your niche / blog.  This is why I say review the company first. 

So keeping in mind that affiliate programs are “not created equal” and do they fit your blog, as well as finding the right program are among some concerns you need to be aware of when finding the right affiliate programs.  High Priced products and upsells and program competitors are options to keep in mind as well.  All of this is important during your search.  When you do your research, it can pay to keep all the information you find as a source to refer to when doing this type of research later on.  Yes, there could be more later during your affiliate marketing career.  Keep a file with all this information for future reference. 

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