5 Tips On Do I Work Today?

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In the past when I was a Fitness blogger, I wrote many very motivating posts, one of which was a series called “Do I Eat Today?”.  The long and short of the series is “Yes, of course you should eat today”.  The reason being that eating is very important to bring about weight loss.  Okay, enough of all eating, now let’s jump over to working. 

So, ask yourself “Do I work today?”  For the most part, yes, of course you should work today.  Now before you decide to jump ship and leave this post, sit back and take in the tips on maintaining your all-important efforts in maintaining your affiliate marketing business.

Stress Happens!

1)- The hamster wheel – The perfect analogy in describing the daily repetitive tasks one has to continue doing to maintain an online business.  All the tasks are vital to the existence of your affiliate marketing business.  Long term efforts can be tiring after a while as one continues to drive the business forward.  So, how does one stay energized throughout this endeavor?  The logic is simple to follow.

   a.  Set goals – Goals are important to set to follow through with to achieve what you are working towards.

   b.  Business plan – Make a plan for your business that outlines what you are wanting to achieve long term.  You have to know why you are doing what you are doing and what you want to end up with.

   c.  Take a break – Don’t be afraid to take a short break now and then.  Just don’t take too big of a break and don’t do it often.  In addition to these short breaks, take one day a week off as a “day of rest”.    Even long distance runners need rest.

   d.  Level of importance – How important is your “Why” in doing this business.  If you find yourself taking lots and lots of breaks, then it must not be all that important.

   e.  Add some fun – Add ways to make your business fun instead of a lame boring routine.

2)- Avoid Inconsistencies – This is where It’s necessary to be careful how long you take breaks for as it can lead to inconstant efforts on your part.   People get used to a routine of the content you are producing on a regular basis.

     a.  Blog post and RSS feeds – Would be in consistent on what you are providing as with no content, would tend to have less visitors on your site.

     b.  Email – No auto posting would take place for those on your private email list when you don’t do your work.

Personal stories

3)- No Choices – If you have a full-time job, you’d be expected to maintain a dedicated daily work schedule, day after day, week after week, month after month in order to keep that job.  Yes, you’d have vacation time and sick time, but that’s at a limited basis.  So, if you have no choice to go to work, shouldn’t you treat your affiliate marketing business with the same level of priority?

  a.  No effort – Brings about no posts to influence the influx of organic traffic.

  b.  No traffic – Brings about the reality of no signups or sales

4)- Dedication – You have to be willing to keep on a dedicated, persistent, & consistent effort to build your online business.  It does take time like anything else.  While like #3 above, if you work, you have no choices but to show up.  With your business, if you don’t show up, nothing happens.

Start Learning!

5)- Your skills – Has this turned out to be harder than you thought?  Perhaps you are lacking some skills to get you through the issues you may be having right now?  There are tons of FREE lessons you have access to that can turn things around for you.  Being persistent includes doing what you need/have to do to get past roadblocks. 

Many times, lacking a skill can make the difference in one’s affiliate marketing business.  See below to get FREE access today!


There had to be a “why” that influenced you to start your affiliate marketing business.  These tips help provide ways to think about what you are doing and to help influence you to keep your business going.  Go to our Getting Started page to gain access to proven methods to further along your affiliate marketing interests.  If you’ve already signed up for our Free Lessons Newsletter, simply skip step 1 in Getting Started.

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