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5 Options For Website Design And Hosting

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There are many options to choose from when designing and building your own website.  Everything you choose is important.  In this article, we’re going to go over the different ways to go about creating a website.  This post overall purpose is to help you determine which way would best suite your needs and affordability.  Most of us are not a company that has their very own IT staff that handles all of this.

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1  Using strictly HTML.

This is not for everyone, and most probably don’t know much about HTML.  One time I did create a website using HTML and it does take work.  With all the advantages available today, this option is kind of redundant.  If you really want to go this route, you can at times find HTML manuals available online or elsewhere.  If you are not to up on this topic, you may want to consider other options unless you feel you are up to the challenge.  You can find books like these on

2  Online Design.

This option is getting very popular as there are many websites offering website design.  Some are even offering it for FREE.  Such sites include,, &  Oh, and yes  These are all good sites and you can take a look at them.  Some advantages include: some are FREE, easy to use.  These all have great features to help you get the job done.  Over the years, these types of services have come a long way with what they have to offer.  Some online design websites offer a premium or pro version with offers more options for those who need more.

3  Blogging sites.

You can also join a blogging community or site and create a free and easy blog.  Though you options can be limited based upon what the service offers on sites like these.  Such sites include but are not limited to:  Blogger, Tumblr, Weebly &  These options are great for those who just want to get right down and start blogging without much of a hassle.  There are many blogging sites out there, the trick is to find one that you like.  The advantage of wordpress is that it would give you the feel of how wordpress is should you ever decide to dive in and take advantage of wordpress hosting in a selfhosting environment such as what has to offer. 

4  Professionally done.

For those with deep wallets, and want their websites done right, you can hire out and have your website done for you.  This can get expensive and therefore end up draining your wallet or purse.  This is an awesome option for those who can afford this.  Especially if you are not up on all what needs to go into a website.  The cost in having your website or blog professionally done can cost as much as $12,000 and up.  Some can be seen as high as $150,000 as these are primarily large businesses.  This is in addition to routine website maintenance which can cost $35 and up each month depending upon your needs.

5  Selfhosting.

This is the route I went to host, as you have access to a wide range of abilities especially if you use a wordpress hosting package.  If you like to be fully in control, this is the way to go.  You do have to do all the work and it’s best to have some experience with some of the features of selfhosting.  Domain names, websites, wordpress, and more are available via selfhosting.  Some sites include:,, and Godaddy.ccom.  There are many hosting sites out there that have a lot to offer.   I really recommend as they offer a lot for people like you.  I am an affiliate of  They have all the tools and services to help you get the job done right! 

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Website Design.

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