5 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Video Marketing

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Most anyone with a little bit of knowledge can put together a video and share it on youtube.com.  What gets more complicated when it comes to drawing traffic to that video.  There are tricks for that as well as other factors when making a video.  A lot of people often over look these factors or have no idea about them.  It was one of these factors that actually delayed me from doing videocasts in the first place.  After I became aware of it and was able to work with it, it changed everything.

Let’s open the door and expose these factors:

1)- Keywords – Yes, keywords are important and for videos, I was not aware of this in the beginning.  This is the one issue that held me back for videos.  And there is a cool tool that really can help you with this.  This tool is called Tubebuddy.com and it will make a big difference.  I am not affiliated with Tubebuddy.com, but I do highly recommend it.  This tool has many options, and keyword research is one of them.

2)- Planning – Plan your videos before you do them.  You want to make sure you know what you are going to talk about and the purpose of your video.  At the very least, your videos should draw traffic to your website or blog.  Make them informational and to the point.  Now there are different types, as they either draw awareness, influences, and then makes a conversion.

3)- The beginning matters – The first few seconds of your video is paramount to your overall success.  You want get across to your audience right away what your video is about.  Create a hook that keeps them there.  Indicate what is coming within the video, even providing a preview can help. 

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4)- Use other networks – Upload your videos to other networks, this will give you access to more traffic volume.  You can even share to social media to increase exposure. 

5)- No Budget – You should be able to do your videos without spending a dime.  Publish them to Youtube.com and other Free sites that you can upload them to.  Unless you want to use a service that can highly promote your video and/or provide enhancements, I wouldn’t concern yourself with premium options especially if you are new at this and/or affiliate marketing.

6)- Rehearsing – Having a script is good, but, it can hinder what you are doing if you are not careful.  A script is nothing more than a guide.  If you try to follow it word for word, your audience will catch onto that in the video.  Instead, why not create an outline of what you want to say and go from that.  You want your video to be more organic which makes it authentic.  When I started with a script, it was harder to do the video.  I altered course and went to an outline and it made the difference.  When it comes to the script you had, it’s not the words that count, but the message that you are sending.

7)- Your intentions – Make them known in your video.  My videos are all informational and to draw awareness.  But, not everybody’s videos will be the same.  You have to decide what you want to accomplish with your videos and make it know what you are tying to get across to your audience.  You need affective CTA (Call To Actions) in place to help with completing your offers.

How to?

8)- Self Criticize – I review my videos and if I don’t like it, it doesn’t get published.  Be your own best critic and be hard on yourself, it will pay off.  Trust me, if you don’t like it, others won’t either.

9)- Mobile Friendly – With there being a huge amount of people on mobile devices including cell phones, you should consider and make use of a mobile first mentality.  By creating short, fun, and/or information videos, which potentially could go viral, marketers can leverage sites like Youtube.com to focus on smartphones as Ads related to what is being searched for on the content they want.

10)- Storytelling is key – When it comes to creating engaging video content.  Storytelling makes it more appealing to the audience.  Instead of the dull mundane way of getting the point across with your product, story telling which is a more nuanced way of getting the point across to your audience.  It’s more palatable and less boring and to be eye and ear catching.

11)- Appeal to their emotions – When it comes to selling, you want to accommodate their pain.  If what you are offering takes their pain away, they’ll grab onto it.  If you create engaging videos that appeal to your audience’s issues or pains, they will not only like your video, they will share them.


If you apply all these tips, you’ll be on your way to nailing it with your video marketing.  These were just a sampling of what you can do with you video marketing efforts.  If you would like to have access to more proven methods, sign up for our FREE Lessons newsletter —– >  https://timabeck.com/free

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