4 Tips To Help You Recover From A Down Time

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In anyone’s career path or venture, there are bound to be issues and setbacks.  Expect and count on them.  I just had another one.  Yes, quite a bit ago, this site was down for a while and then was recovered.  And then now.  Your’s truly just recovered from a very mild case of Covid.  My wife and I both came down with Covid and she was somewhat worse than I was.  Fortunately, we are both healing and moving forward now from that experience.  We were fortunate not to have to be in the hospital.  Prior to the recent post done on 11-16-21 titled 9 Tips For Blogging For Better And Faster Income. The previous post officially published was done on 11-2-21 titled How To Set Yourself Apart And Ahead Of Your Competition.  The reason for this is obvious, as I was resting for a better blog post.  I have some tips here for you should you encounter setbacks like I have.

What's your strategy?

Here are some tips:

1)- Fully automated – Not only collect your readers email addresses to automate your blogging business, but there are some other automation tips to consider.  

    a)- WP Auto Republish – Re-publish older posts — The WP Auto Republish plugin helps revive old posts by resetting the publish date to the current date. This will push old posts to your front page, the top of archive pages, and back into RSS feeds. Ideal for sites with a large repository of evergreen content.

    b)- Hustle – Auto engage your audience while they visit your site.  There is a free and pro version of Hustle.  Start collecting email addresses and quickly grow your mailing list with big bold pop-ups, slide-ins, widgets, or in post opt-in forms.

Enabling your website to be fully or at least semi-automated can make it appear that you are still doing your work when you can’t.  These 2 are very powerful plugins that I highly recommend.  Timabeck.com is constantly up and running for your immediate access 24/7. 

   c)- Help page – Don’t just stop with automation, create a help age to aid your visitors for items they can’t find answers too.  This is a must and can provide powerful insights on what can be done instead of reaching out to you.  https://timabeck.com/help.

Let's Blog!

2)- Don’t re-invent the wheel – It’s the same routine as before, nothing has changed.  Do your research, for content, keyword research and what is trending and create your posts from your research.  You should not be wasting time going backwards trying to come up with new ways to go forward.  Why work harder when you shouldn’t have too.  You already have all the tools you need why change things when you don’t need too.

Two really hot tools from Affilorama.com to get you moving that you should take advantage of are:

    a)- Pathyway To Passive – A content strategy for affiliate sites that helps increase traffic & sales, and leads to a fantastic passive income from Affilorama.com.

    b)- AffiloTools – Improve your search engine rankings with AffiloTools – Affilorama.com’s  premium suite of online tools for marketers.

3)- Take advantage of downtime – Breaks can be good for you.  Rest happens.  If you’ve been hard at it and neared burnout, then downtimes like this can be an advantage.  Don’t knock it and use it to your advantage like I have.  Getting a clear head can be a good thing and can actually propel you forward.  Like falling down, get back up and get moving again.  Even in times of recovery, you can use your current situation to build from like I did for this post. 

4)- Promote it – As in content creation, return to promoting what you are offering.  Everything you were doing; you need to return to doing.  Just because things stopped, doesn’t mean they have to stay that way.


  As I said, don’t re-create the wheel, grab the wheel you had and roll with it.  Yes, you were down, stopped or interfered with for a relatively short time.  So, what, shake the dust off, shrug your shoulders and move on.  If you were sick and away from your job, you’d have to return and get back to work like nothing happened.  So, why should your online business be any different.  Consider this, if you have a great deal of content already on your blog, that will hold you over during your down time if you have your site setup right (using the suggestions above on fully automation). 

Proven methods can make a difference with your recovery plans.  The more skills and knowledge you have, the better bounce you’ll have in recovering.  Sign up for our FREE Lessons newsletter to gain access to more proven methods.

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