15 Things You Need to Know Abut Email Marketing

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If you haven’t yet or if you are about to add Email marketing to your website or blog, there are some things you need to be aware of that can make a difference.  We’ll go over some of these things.  Email marketing is a crucial part of anyone’s online business.  Just a hint, without Email marketing, you would be missing out on a very powerful aspect that can make a huge difference in your sales.  Let’s dive into these things you should be aware of:

1)- Immediately – You need to get your Email Marketing Opt-in box in place on your website or blog immediately as you launch.  You can’t afford to delay this aspect.  Delaying will be costly.  I’ll go over an option for you about this a little later in this list.  You can’t go with the feeling that “Oh my site is new and not ready yet, who’d sign up anyway”.  Truth is anyone who is the slightest bit curious would jump on board right away.

2)-Be picky – I have found that there are many options out there offering solutions to collect your visitors email addresses.  They are not all created equally.  I found one that I felt worked but it didn’t quite hit the mark for what I expected and I ended up later swapping it for a better one.  It pays to shop around. 

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3)-Know your target audience – You need to know your audience is.  This is crucial as you don’t want to create content that misses the mark on what your audience expects as it should be relevant to what they want.

4)-Frequency of emails – You want to send regular and consistent emails.  This can be easily achieved with autoresponders that will keep your readers engaged consistently for a good amount of time.  Now and then you’d want to send regular emails to your email list.

5)-Subject Line matters – You want to make the most of your subject line.  Eye catching makes a big difference.  It needs to be noticeable enough to catch attention.

6)- Pre-Made – This can be an advantage if you are an affiliate of a reputable company, perhaps their affiliate program has pre-made autoresponders for you to use.  This is a good way to make use of already proven and professional autoresponders for your email campaign.  You need to check that out.  This can be an asset worth utilizing.

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7)- OptinMonster.com – This is the solution to #1 above.  The Monster that is best suited to collect those email address you need from your visitors.  You need this!  Check out OptinMonster.com Now.  OptinMonster.com works will with wordpress.

8)- Visibility – Is your Opt-In Box easy to find.  This can really make a big difference.  You should have one on each of your main landing pages.  You don’t want your audience to have to “hunt” for the Opt-In box.

9)- Give them a reason – Give your readers a reason why they should subscribe to your newsletter.  Simply making your Opt-In Box available isn’t always enough.  They may not always be looking for it.  Best to put it in front of them with a reason to subscribe.  By doing so you can have access to these and other proven methods by signing up for our FREE Newsletter – https://timabeck.com/free

10)- Excerpts – You want to use a lot of white space, thus directing your readers to click on “learn more” or “read more” only providing “Excerpts” in your posts to social media or emails when posting your content other than your autoresponders.  This in turn, directs your readers to your website where you want them to be.

11)-Focus on Signups – Yes, we all want conversions and they are important, but without signups, there would inevitably be less conversions.  So, celebrate for each and every signup as they will get you there.  Your private audience is very important and shouldn’t be overlooked.  Be part of our private audience and sign up today – https://timabeck.com/free

12)- Test your emails – Any time you send an email or add an autoresponder, test it first.  You want to see how it looks, feels, and comes across to you before you send it or make it live.  Having your private audience catch a mistake isn’t the way you want things to happen.

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13)- Send Fewer Emails – Focus on autoresponders and send less emails, this way the autoresponders will keep your private audience engaged.  This way you can avoid email fatigue and improve engagements.  See #11 above.

14)-Auto send your posts – I briefly mentioned this in #10 – Excerpts above.  You need to have your posts auto send to your private audience each time a post gets published.  What if they didn’t get to visit your blog and what you wrote is something they’ve been looking for?  This is a necessary convenience for them.  Afterall, they are your private audience and you need to take care of them.  Your newsletter plugin / software should have this auto send feature built in.

15)- Go FREE – There are many email / autoresponder services available, and each of them offer really good features.  Here are some things you need to be concerned about: 1) what is their limit before they charge you? 2) Is this email service compatible with your newsletter plugin? 3) Can you do all the work from within wordpress? 4) Do you really like it?  Don’t settle for anything less than what you want.


Sending Emails and/or autoresponders is very crucial in anyone’s online marketing campaigns.  These 15 tips are not the end answer to email marketing.  But these will get you focused in the right direction. 

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