14 Actionable Email Marketing Tips That Work Like a Charm

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In this article, it’s assumed that you’ve already added an Opt-In to collect your visitors email address.  If you haven’t, it’s very recommended that you do so as soon as possible.  These tips are meant to improve your email signup issues.  Having an email Opt-In box gives you the full power of automation for your website or blog which is a must have.  So, if you are having low signups, lets cover some tips to change things up for you.

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1)- Your Opt-In box – What are you using?  Perhaps it’s the reason you are having a problem with low signups?  We have a Monster that will grab your visitors for you.  It’s OptinMonster.com.  Check it out for more details and get yours todaySee also:  How To Boost Your Email List

2)- Make it obvious – Is your Opt-In box obvious enough?  Is it eye catching?  Can it be found on more than one page of your site?  Your Opt-In should not be hard to find.  If one has to hunt for it, that’s a problem.

3)- Create a Youtube video – Having a video on youtube.com with a link to your website can have a big impact on your signups.  Lots of people use youtube.com everyday and if they can find you there, and then reach your site, that would increase your chances of a signup.  With youtube.com, you are taking advantage of the already established traffic that they are getting.

4)- Proofread Your Emails – Whether it be an email or autoresponder, it Is best to proofread it before you send or activate it.  Some people like me would trash the email if it was poorly written.  Take this seriously as it does make a difference.  It also shows how professional you are.  If you are serious about your work, you need to be serious about proofreading.  Besides, after proofreading, you may not like the way you said something in the content and need to improve it.

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5)- Know your target audience – You should know who you your audience is and what they want.  This is achieved easily by proper keyword research and providing content based on keywords and trending topics.  If you need a tool to help you with keywords, download our FREE Keyword Research Ninja.

6)-Short and simple – If your email is too long, chances are that the reader will leave it behind.  So, keep it short and to the point.  Like pages and posts, there are those who are mission minded as they will scan it to look for what they are looking for.

7)- Eye catching subject lines – You want to make the most of your subject lines as they are the bait that is used to catch your readers attention.  You want your readers to think “hey what was that?” and open the email for more.  Keep them short and to the point.

8)- Plan for the holidays – It’s the most opportunistic time of year and you should take advantage of it.  It’s also the most spamistic time of year as you don’t want to spam your readers.  So, if you have a planned email campaign, consider the holidays.  You may even want to ask your subscribers if they want to receive special holiday promotions.  You may have to create a separate email list for those interested.

9)- Quality always matters – The quality of your email or autoresponders are far more important than quantity.  Say it well and it will pay off.  Quality written content will make a difference and you’ll reap the rewards of it.  In fact, sending too many emails could have a detrimental effect on you subscriber list.

10)- Unsubscribing happens – Never and I mean never take unsubscribing personally.  It’s bound to happen.  It’s happened to me.   Besides, you only want those who have a real interest in what you are providing.  Besides, you never know, they could come back.  So, if you get unsubscribed, take the attitude, “on to the next” as more will come.  No one likes this but it’s part of what goes on with an online business.

11)- Start Collecting Emails Immediately – As soon as your website or blog is active, you should have an Opt-In box available to start collecting your visitors email address.  Delaying making it available can be costly.  Curiosity of what you are providing will be the lure.

12)- Don’t use [email protected] – If you’ve been using [email protected], stop using it.  You want your readers to be able to reply back to you.  Keep the communications open.  If you don’t want to use a personal name, use something that makes sense as it applies to your business.

13)- Send posts to email – Each time you publish a post to your blog, have it auto-sent to your email list for easy access.  Your subscribers will appreciate it.  Your autoresponder system or newsletter system should have the feature built in.

14)- Keep Up to date with email changes – Email has been around for a long time, but it has gone through some changes over the years.  You want to find and update yourself with the latest in email technology.

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This is not a complete list of tips as there are many more that can apply.  These should definitely get your going in the right direction.  In the meantime, sign up for our FREE Lessons Newsletter if you haven’t already done so.  https://timabeck.com/free

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