12 Tips To Help You Succeed With Today’s Affiliate Marketing 2021 and beyond.

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While reveal affiliate marketing has changed over the years, there’s never been a better time to start your affiliate marketing business.  You just need to be in the know of what’s required in today’s affiliate marketing.  We’ll some tips to get you pointed in the right direction in addition to the tools and trainings you need.  You as an affiliate marketer have access to lots of trainings that are Free.  You can get those and access to more proven methods by going to our getting started page at https://timabeck.com/getting-started

1)- It pays to be choosy – When it comes to affiliate programs, it will pay you to choose only those that will work or perform for you.  For me, I only choose those that would have the perfect fit for Timabeck.com as well as a good solid program.  It pays to review them before signing up for them.  If it’s a brand-new program, you may want to review it a little more or by pass it all together.  Should also be aware of scammers trying to bait you in.  You should also be very choosy on what niche you will be working with. 

Build your website

2)- Get a website – In a number of posts, I’ve been talking about the power of automation that having a website offers.  Having a website offers you the ability of having your business automated to the point where you could literally make money while you sleep.  Going forward, having a website is of paramount importance.  There are many options available to bring about the ability of having your own website.  In the mean time you can operate without your website until it is up and fully operational. 

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3)- Exercise Patients – If you’re just starting, it can sometimes be discouraging when you haven’t made a sale.  This can actually happen anytime.  It’s a process, and it’s best to remain optimistic about it.  It does take time.  Affiliate marketing is rewarding for those who keep at it.

4)- Keep track – You should keep track of all your data.  Whether it be advertising, conversions, traffic etc.  It’s best to always know where you are going.  Your data is a good sign of whether or not there is a problem.   There is a very helpful tool available to use and it’s called AffiloTools from Afilorama.com.  AffiloTools is an improvement over just using the Google Search Console to see what’s happening.

5)- Get empowered – Gain more knowledge and skills to get ahead of the rest.  There is a very empowering resource called Pathway to Passive via Affilorama.com that can give you the upper hand in affiliate marketing.  A step-by-step blueprint for building passive income.

6)- Multiple Sources – Be open to be diversified in the sources you depend on for your research.  Don’t always use the same ones.  At the same time, be watchful for fake or scam sites trying to lure you in.  Social Media is a good source for information as well.

7)- SEO – This is a vital aspect; you should utilize SEO as it helps bring about traffic to your site.  If you are not up on this, it would pay you to learn more about it.   For more information on SEO, Affilorama.com has an ultimate guide for affiliate marketers.  SEO helps improve getting someone to get to your site and get the information they need.

8)- Covid19 impact – Due to the impact of Covid19, affiliate marketing has been impacted by it.  For some, one may need to re-consider the niche they are in.  There are some affiliate marketing categories that have experienced a surge in traffic during this time and here are a few examples:

 a.  Making Money Online

 b.  Home Entertainment

 c.   Work From Home

9)- Promoting what you are offering – In addition to all the content you are creating, you need to get what you are offering to your audience in front of them so they can see it.  Just relying on your content posting won’t cut it.  You need to promote as often as you can.  The added benefit of promoting is that it does help drive traffic to your site.  Many affiliate marketers make the mistake in thinking that just putting a banner ad on their website is good enough.  That would be a no, though it’s good to have.

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What is your strategy?

10)- Break out of the box – Sometimes it’s good to try something different instead of the same old, same old.  One idea is using Flyers with pull-tabs on the bottom are great for posting in gas stations, restaurants and other public places is one idea that works.  There can be a lot of leg work with this option.

11)- Affiliate Offers – From time to time, the companies that you become affiliated with will give you an offer to either write a post, or do some kind of campaign for them.  This is a very quick way to make some cash and to help strengthen the affiliate company relationship.  This also promotes brand awareness for the company you are representing.

12- Strengthen your resolve – With tighter regulations, tougher competition, advertising changes, it’s getting tougher to be an affiliate marketer.  Old ways are fading and it’s getting necessary to find new ways to promote your business.  You need to make up your mind, become dedicated to the process and persevere to succeed in this business.  You have a ton of content and trainings available to you that you can access through Timabeck.com.  Go to our Getting Started page to gain access to more proven methods.  Some may have heard about the death of affiliate marketing, but it’s not dead, just getting harder.  There is still a huge pie to share with everyone who is up to the challenge.

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