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12 Tips On How To Write Good Trending Content

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Anyone who has the ability to type can write a blog post.  But does that mean anyone can really do it?  That is can anyone write an effective blog post that is worth it’s weight in real facts?  The answer is “Yes”, but to avoid the real issue that the internet is full of garbage out there that people are having a tough time finding legitimate trustful sources to count on.  So, it’s to your best interest to produce reputable content that can be counted on.  We at Timabeck.com deplore plagiarism and fake content.

Now let’s go over some writing tips:

1)- Do Research – This is the best and most important aspect in creating content.  Rely on more than one source for your research.  You can compare sources to try to weed out the good and the bad.

Keyword Research

2)- Keyword and Trending Research – Search for what is trending and what keywords that would be best to draw organic traffic to your blog or website.  I highly recommend AffiloTools for keyword research and having access to all your business needs all in one place.  Check it out and sign up today as it’s FREE —  http://www.affilorama.com/freetools?aff=bisky1.

AffilioTools is free and is a tool with Affilorama of which we are affiliated with.

For trending research, Google Trends is a great free tool from Google.

3)- How long does it take to write good content –   A typical blog post which is about 500 words a blogger takes about 1 to 2 hours.  Now depending upon your experience, it could take longer.  For a 1000 word post it could take 3 to 4 hours.  Now of course, if you are more experienced, then shorter times are probable.  Any need for research per post would impact the time needed to write the content.

How Long?

Here are more tips on writing:

4)- Eye Catching Headline – You need to make your headline eye catching so it “grabs your brain”.  So, when someone sees it, it will cause a click moment.  Like wait what was that sort of thing.  Your headline must be strong enough to have like a “gravitational pull” to pull your reader right in.

Suggestions – Use start phrases like “How to” or “10 Tips to” or “Ultimate Guide to”.  Even add a keyword to the beginning of your headline.

5)- Write with good flow – You want to write your post body so that it’s skimmable.  You want your readers to be able to easily read through your post scanning for what they are looking for and/or getting the gist of the post.  It’s also a good idea to give away your best material in the intro as it will make them thirst for more and read through the rest of the post.

6)- A picture paints 1000 words – Put images in your post that are relevant to what your post is about.  Eye grabbing images that are on topic gets the point across.  This is in addition to the posts main featured image.

Convert to business

7)- Keep focused – Stay focused on what your post’s topic is about.  Don’t stray off to something else for very long as you want your readers attention to the main benefit of the post.  You want to give them what they are searching for.

Keep what you are writing about clear for your readers, and remember that they know what they are searching for, so put yourself in their shoes and don’t insult their intelligence.  You are creating a valid and trustworthy source of information for your readers to rely on.

8)- Extra Help – If you need additional help in writing good content, there is a good and reliable resource with Affilorama that we are affiliated with.  Check out their Content Creation section for additional help.

9)- Give credit – If you are using reputable sources for any specific details and you feel the need to quote them, don’t plagiarize.  Give credit and link to them.   You don’t want to be accused of plagiarism.  You want to maintain a sense of integrity and trust for your readers.  Most of the time you’ll want to put everything in your own words, but when those rare times come around, giving credit is a must.  

10)- Link to supporting posts – When the need is there, you can link to other posts in your blog that are relevant to what you are writing about rather than repeating something you already wrote about in another post when the need fits.

11)- Effective Call To Action – You need to make a call to action (CTA) that grabs your readers attention and like a high powered magnet pulls them in to take action NOW!  This is for their benefit as well as yours.  Showing urgency is the key here influencing them to take advantage of the benefit you are offering.  A CTA can be accomplished in a manner of different ways.

  A well timed or positioned popup or slide in.  An eye grabbing statement with a link.  There are some plugins that can assist you with this.  One we recommend is Hustle which has a FREE and Pro version in the wordpress repository.  The Free version does a really good job.

Back to the basics

12)- Self-Evaluate – If while you are creating your post and you find yourself feeling like you don’t like it or it’s not going where you want it to go.  Don’t feel bad.  If you are at this road block, then it could be a sign that you need to scrap it and start over.  I’ve done this and it is a good thing.  You can always save it for later incase you get an inspiration to move the post in the right direction. 

This would be better than continuing with the post and end up publishing something you don’t feel right about.  Your readers deserve the best you can give them.  Since the internet is already filled with fake news, duplicated posts, and other garbage you’d be doing your best diligence in preventing that.


These tips can help you go a long way in getting good content for your readers.  Remember it goes both ways, for you and your audience.  You both deserve good work.  To get access to more proven methods, sign up for our FREE Lessons Newsletter todayhttps://timabeck.com/free

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