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12 Creative Ways to Solve Low Sign Ups

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Collecting visitors email addresses is crucial for your online business, as without them, you’d be spinning wheels.  With all that is available, this factor shouldn’t be over looked.  There are 12 ways to get you around this hurdle and let’s take a look at them, see below.

Bait and Switch.

Give your readers a real and compelling reason to sign up.  Consider their point of view, “what’s in it for me?”  If you can give them something that really covers what they are needing, that’s a sign up for sure.  You should make it clear what they are signing up for and what they’ll get in return.  This is a good place to offer a freebie in return for the sign up.  Make it very clear that the sign up is FREE.

Keep it Simple.

The signup process for your email list shouldn’t be complicated. The fewer hoops the better.  What’s common place is a 2 step process, where you’d enter your name and email then receive an email to confirm your email address.

Know your audience.

Anything you provide should be within the scope of what your audience wants.  Visitors are on your blog because they are interested in what you are promoting.  You wouldn’t offer content on “running shoes” in a blog that deals with computers.  Always stay within your niche.

Simplify your signup forms.

Keep it simple and easy to understand.  Ask for as little information as possible.  Usually just first name and email address is what is usually expected for an email list.  Registration forms for membership can include a few more details such as a password and alternate forms of sign up such as your social media account.

Use Pop Ups.

Another good way is to use pop up forms to grab your readers attention if it appears that they are going to leave your site.  Depending upon the plugin or software you use, you can select where and when these pop ups occur.  I highly recommend Hustle found in the wordpress repository.

Eye Catching.

You make your headlines in your email or blog content eye catching, so in the same way you need to make your signup forms eye catching and noticeable.  Your signup forms should be obvious to the reader.

Prompt too.

What your reader/subscriber need to know is what happens next.  If someone signs up for your email newsletter, after they put their information in and click the button, a page should appear thanking them for the sign up and advising them to check their inbox for their first email.  This is important as they will need to confirm the email they signed up for.

Feature Boxes.

As I mentioned previously about making things eye catching, feature boxes can really add to this aspect.  It’s a good way to make them stand out.  These feature boxes are anywhere between the header and the footer.  They come in may styles.

Lead Generation.

There are many good plugins available that do a good job in collecting email addresses.  One that I highly recommend is  This is what they are meant for.  Check out our tools page or click on for more info.

Are you social?

Are you signed up with social media?  This is a good way to get people’s attention.  Social media sites are like moons around your planet.  Your planet being your website or blog.  Likes and follows are great, but email signups rule!  Get an online presence other than your blog as soon as possible as they make a big difference.  If you auto-post your content to social media, only share your excerpt forcing them to click more to access your blog, which is where you really want them to be.

Are you Optimized?

Keep with the practice of good Optimization, which attracts more visitors to your site.  Check out our article on ==== > 8 Tips For Best SEO Affiliate Marketing.  Effective use of keywords are of paramount importance here.  Do effective keyword research and apply them to your tags.  This is probably one of the most important tips when it comes to attracting traffic.

Locations matter.

Increase your chances of signups, have your email signup form in more than one location and in different forms.  You want easy access to these forms.  Really you don’t want people to have to look for the form, it should be within easy reach and in your posts when applicable.  Sign up for our FREE newsletter here — >


If your signups are low or you are not getting any signups, there has to be a reason why.  If you’ve tried these 12 tips and still have issues, then it could be the content you are providing or your SEO needs  help.  If trouble continues, start doing a process of elimination to narrow down what is going on.  At some point you’ll home in on the issue and get past this.  If you need further help with SEO, then check out this article from Affilorama === > Search Engine Optimation.  This is a good source to make use of for good Search Engine Optimization.

Proven Methods.

If you would like access to more proven methods, access is easy and getting started is too.  We have a Getting Started page that will get you moving in the right direction.  If you liked what you’ve seen so far, then you’ll love what’s waiting for you.   There are just 3 easy steps to get you moving.  If you already signed up for our Free Lessons newsletter, then just skip step 1 and proceed onto 2 and 3.  We don’t ever spam you and you can unsubscribe any time.  We never share your information.  Proven methods await, check them out today. 

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