12 Creative Ways to Solve Low Rankings

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In the beginning, low rankings can be a result of a number of reasons.  Anything ranging from one’s lack of experience to the fact that Google won’t even index a new site until after 30 days.  The better your foundation is, the better chances of improved rankings.  A good starting point would be Market Research, check out Market Research via Affilorama.com.  We’re going to reveal some secrets to get your rankings up.

1)- Word count matters – Google does consider how many words your content has and it’s best to have at least 1000 words or more.  The higher the better.  Not to say that you can’t have under a 1000, but generally speaking it’s best to have more.

2)- Use Google Analytics – One way to help improve your rankings is to know where you stand.  Google Analytics will show where you stand.  It’s invaluable and FREE to use.  You can also use Google Search Console which is also Free to use.  A great alternative to the Google Search Console is AffiloTools, try it for free from Affilorama.com.  There is a plugin for Google Analytics in the wordpress repository and it’s free.

3)- Make it mobile friendly – A good portion of your visitors and potential customers are using their cell phones to access what you are offering.  You should have settings set to allow your site to be mobile friendly.  A good SEO plugin will help you with this.

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4)- Do good SEO – When you are doing your edits while getting ready to finalize your new post to schedule to post to your blog and social media, you should also follow through with good SEO.  This will take you far.  Everything from keywords, meta page title and descriptions, setting an excerpt.  Other settings include key phrases and page analysis.  I recommend the All-in-one SEO plugin which is free and found in the wordpress repository.  If you want to be assured of organic traffic, then this is a must.  A good SEO plugin will give you a “quality analysis” of your content to show you what changes are needed to get your post all ready.

5)- Improve page load speed – This is crucial, as many will leave your site if it takes too long to load.  Visitor retention will increase when page loading is faster.  Server response time and page load speed  needs to be optimized to improve speeds.  File sizes for like your images and other files can contribute to slow load times.  Keep the amount of plugins you have installed to a minimum, thus only use what you need. 

Go Green

6)- Content rules – Producing high quality content will gain you in Googles favor.  Just don’t write to write, go for the gold.  Make content that really grabs your readers attention and interest.  If you are going to take the time to write, do it right!  Your visitors are your greatest asset as without them you are nowhere.  If you haven’t posted in a while, your rankings will show it.  A website that hasn’t been updated in a while can dramatically affect your rankings.  The more often you update the better.

Are you considering your readers and giving them what they want?  Is your content engaging and informative?  If you write just to write, are you really thinking about your readers interests?  Are you doing good keyword research to try to write about what’s trending?  The golden rule of publishing is to give your readers what they want.

7)- Outbound links – Credibility is really important and that is what you’ll get if you use outbound links.  When you link to relevant sources, it will back up your content showing that your content is worthy.  Your visitors will keep coming back for the content they can trust which is important as you work on becoming a person of influence.

8)- Backlinks – The use of backlinks helps bring about better search engine rankings.  It’s like the gift that keeps on giving, you’ll get referral traffic from using backlinks.  Using backlinks also brings about faster indexing as bots discover your site through backlinks.

9)- Headers – You should break up your content with headers as it makes your content easier to skim through.  Makes your content more appealing and if you don’t do this, your rankings will be impacted.

10)- Picture this – You should add more than just text.  Have you heard the saying “a picture paints a 1000 words?”  Add pictures (images) that relate to what you are writing about.  This also makes your content more appealing and eye catching.  It also shows that you put time into what you are doing.

11)- Broken links – Make sure you don’t have any broken links.  It makes you look bad if the link you provided leads your visitor to an invalid website.  You never know when a site that you are linking to either changes their setup or even stops being available all together.  In time, things can get to be outdated.  To check your site to see if there are any broken links, see Brokenlinkcheck.com.

Person of influence

12)- Person of influence – As you become more well-known and knowledgeable in your niche, this will help to drive traffic and increase rankings.  This can take time but you will reap the benefits of your efforts.  As your blog grows, so will organic traffic from the posts and links you have throughout your site.  A good way to gain knowledge is to get access, sign up for our FREE Lessons newsletter today at https://timabeck.com/free

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