12 Blogging Myths Explained

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Blogging has been around for decades and you’d be surprised about the many misconceptions that people have about blogging.  Let’s bust a myth right away as that blogging isn’t going away anytime soon which is true, it’s here for the long hall.  Let’s bust some myths that people believe.

1)- Blog posts should never be over 500 words – Funny thing is that I used to believe this one.  In fact the lengthier the post the better where as the minimum blog post should be no less than 300 words. 

Posts 600 to 800 – Articles in this size range are usually those for professional journalism.  These posts can get you some shares and backlinks which are good.

Posts around 1000 – High quality posts with 1000 words have a higher chance of getting ranked by Google than posts of fewer length.

The higher the word count the better for your blog posts beyond 1000 words.

For more information on this subject refer to the Wix Blog for details.

2)- I’m not a writer – Well, neither am I, and you don’t have to be.  Getting the point across is the main thing in writing blog posts.  Besides you can always take writing lessons online.  This is one issue that never should get in the way of someone wanting to be a blogger.

Avoid Scams

3)- Is blogging a scam? – No, blogging is not a scam.  But you do have to be cautious as there are many shady gimmicks online waiting to hook you in.  Blogging done write can be a very lucrative business venture.  If you are promised lavished offers, and success in a short time, then it’s likely to be a scam.  Do your research before committing.

4)- Build a blog, the money will come – If only that were true.  It takes traffic to bring this about.  If you are not willing to put work into your efforts, the money will not come.  It takes time and effort.  There is not such thing as “set it and forget it”.  No effort equals not outcome, which equals to money.

5)- You have to post every day – Not so true.  The biggest thing about posting is consistency.  If at the minimum, you post once a week, that will do, Timabeck.com does 2 a week unless something flies across my desk and I feel it’s relevant to post right away.  With the research it takes and the time needed to write the post, posting daily could be a challenge.

6)- You have to be an expert at what you are writing about – Not true!  This is why it takes research for your posts; the average blogger isn’t an expert.  But after a while you’ll start gaining knowledge which is important.  This is why it’s been noted that it takes time to acquire knowledge and skills in your journey and eventually become a Person of Influence.

Beat the competition

7)- Write it and they will come – Well, it’s not that simple.  If you don’t take the time to do keyword research, then you are shooting in the dark.  You want to make sure that you are giving your audience what they want, otherwise they will not come.  You also need to share at the very least, excerpts of your posts on social media to draw attention to your website or blog

8)- Bloggers should always blog as cheaply as possible – This is only partially true.  Yes, in the beginning you want to be very frugal and pay as little as possible if nothing at all.  However, that being the case, if you discover a product or service that can really make a difference for you, it would be worth your while to take advantage of it.  There are legitimate products and services available that can really be of value to bloggers to aide in improving their business efforts.  So, it’s not always prudent to avoid spending money as a blogger.

Bloggers should take advantage of any free offers that come your way, as well as any premium offers that would benefit your efforts.

9)- One lucky break or post will do it – I’ve heard this before and my mentor even warned me about this one that it is rare for something like this to happen.  It takes a very persistent dedicated consistent effort to make things happen.  You have to be willing to accept the challenge and go for it.  If you are blogging with this “lucky break” view in mind, you’ll likely end up disappointed.

10)- Avoid paid traffic sources – In keeping with #8 above, use these resources when you can afford them.  You can lose your shirt if you are not careful.  I don’t want to say avoid them as they can become an advantage when one can afford them.

11)- Blogging is safe – In most cases blogging is safe.  But there are areas of concern that you need to be aware of.  For starters, GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is something that all bloggers need to be aware of.  If not you could get yourself in trouble.  Your website or blog should be setup for this.  Get more information on GDPR Compliance.  There are plugins in the wordpress repository on GDPR.

In other areas of concern, you should have a Terms of service page on your blog for legal protection.

For more information on making blogs legally safe check out this article – The Ultimate Legal Guide For Bloggers – Tips From A Lawyer – Timabeck.com is not affiliated with this site.

12)- Don’t need SEO – This is sad when this is believed as you need SEO to draw in organic traffic.  People tend to believe that you don’t need SEO and it could be a mis conception with some plugins that you can use to put in meta keywords.  But that is not enough.  Each page and post you write needs keywords.  I was almost led to believe this once after I was using an all in one meta keyword plugin that I didn’t need to use SEO anymore.  Nope not true – I stopped using it and am making use of SEO.

You don’t want to go from Search Engine Optimization to Search Engine ZERO Optimization by not doing any SEO.  You’d be shooting yourself in the foot and go nowhere fast.


There are many myths and scams out there and it’s like a mine field waiting to catch you.  This is by no means not a complete list.  If you are suspecting anything and haven’t found in it this list, continue searching.

If you are having issues creating content and need a resource to help you generate content in less time and save on research, check out Rytre.me for details.

Any thoughts or questions, feel free to comment below.

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