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11 Ways To Make Money Online As A Teen

There are many ways to make money online regardless of age.   I want to mention one thing to be aware of, and that is you should see the age requirements of what you are promoting to make sure that you are legally able to promote it.  One example is that some affiliate marketing companies do have an age restriction.  One such company is clickbank.com as they have a minimum age of 13.  You don’t want to get involved with a product or program and later find that you have to find something else due to your age.  Pluss you don’t want to face any legal issues from you actions as well.  It is also best for your sake to seek your parent’s guidance and/or permission prior to getting involved with making money online. Timabeck.com does not have an age limitation, but we do advise to check with our companies we are affiliated with prior to making any decisions.

Ways to make money online:

NOTE – We have not taken the time to personally verify each of the sites listed, you take full responsibility for your usage of these websites.  Some sites may have a age restriction.

Affiliate Marketing – I’m listing this first as this is what we are promoting.  This is the easiest and fastest way to make money online.  Not to mention also that it’s the most dependable and trustworthy way.  Pluss you are promoting already proven products and programs.  No experience necessary, as you’ll earn while you learn.  You get to be your own boss and dictate your own hours.  This includes having your own monetized blog.  This is a great time to take a minute and sign up for our FREE Lessons Newsletter.  Totally Free and with no obligations.  (https://timabeck.com/free)

Swagbucks – Paid online surveys, and Free gift cards and cash rewards.  Save money with promo codes, sales and cash back when you shop online.  You get paid for searching the Internet and more.

MySurvey and Harris Poll – if you like to take paid surveys, this may be fore you, they do have some age restrictions, check them out before starting.  Check out Mysurvey.com for details.

Survey Junkie – Get paid for sharing your opinion.  Check out https://surveyjunkie.com for more details

Fiverr – Earn cash by making use of your talents, this is a great place and you can earn $5 on up.  You can sell your services on Fiverr.  You can also check out any of the options below for more details:

Click here to learn and get started with Fiverr.

Working from home, get your projects done on Fiverr.

Sell what you know – If people are always wanting something from you such as cheat codes, how to do something, how to find something and so fourth.  Don’t just give it way, sell it!.  You’re a teen, you need cash, so sell it.  You’ll need to create those courses and the website to sell them on.  You can create a free site on webstarts.com and upload your ebooks to sell online.  You can create your ebooks using any word processing software like Microsoft Word.  You can also add a optin bar to your website using OptinMonster, a great option for your email marketing.  You get to be your own Internet Marketer this way.

Want Free Stuff – It’s called Daily Goodie Box, Get a Free Box daily, Free shipping, No credit cards. Just click here for more details and get your own Free Daily Goodie Box.

IRAZOO – Earn Free Gift Cards and Cash online.  It’s easy and it’s for ages 13 and up.  Check out Irazoo here.

Slice the pie – Get paid for your opinion when you listen to music.  Check them out for more details.

Panda Research – Earn up to $50 per survey or completed offer.  Click for more details.

Answer Trivia Questions and get paid – Check out Givling and get paid to answer trivia questions.  Sign up for free and play once a day for free.  For more times, pay to play.  You can even get chances to win really big prizes of up to $4 Million Dollars – takes a long time to get there.  Check out Givling for more details.

Website design jobs – If you already have skills in this area, take advantage of them and find work.  You can check out either of these – Upwork and/or PeoplePerHour for more details.

Something to think about:

We’ve suggested different ways to make money online which are rather easy.  Some of these ways hinted on affiliate marketing which is a phenomenal and potentially lucrative way to make money on and offline.  If you’re a teenager and find that it would be cool to earn some money par time at your own pace, and actually have something that can grow into a prosperous future for you, then perhaps, you should consider affiliate marketing.  What better way can you earn money at your own pace, while not committing to a full or part time job.  Now if you are employed, you don’t have to let that stop you.  Affiliate marketing is a grow as you go, and at your own pace type of opportunity.  Trainings are free and there is plenty of need for affiliate marketers. 

There are many niche’s available to choose from in affiliate marketing.  Everything sports related such as heath and fitness, through and including “making money online” You can even choose to work with more than one niche, though that can get difficult.  When you find the right niche, you potentially can have the easiest way to make money on and offline.  Now when considering offline, that would be dependent upon what product is being offered.  This would only be recommended for selling products that have to be delivered and not downloaded or available strictly online.

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