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11 Tips On Creating And Running An Email List

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Having a good quality email list can be empowering for both you as well as your subscribers.  Just don’t have one to have one, put effort into it and you’ll reap your rewards.  Fortunately, there are steps you can take to create and manage a very powerful email list.

Let’s expose these hidden secrets to get you in control of your email list and have them working for you:

1)- No Website? – Don’t let this reality get in the way of having an email list as you can anyway.  Too many people shy away from this because they don’t have a website.  Well, you can as I said.  Check out:  How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website.

2)- No Cheating – I say this because shortcuts may seem like a good idea, but they only get you lost.  In addition to the fact, don’t buy any email lists as many on that list may not even be interested in what you are promoting.  When you buy an email list, you’re getting the same email list that other marketers have access too. 

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4)- Use Opt-In Forms – Build your list with Opt-In forms and have these Opt Ins throughout your website.  If you don’t have a website see option #1 above.  Opt-In forms make it easier for your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.  Make sure that you are sending a welcome email to your new subscribers.  It’s advisable to have a set of autoresponders ready to go for those who subscribe.

5)- Subject Lines matter – You need to make your email subject lines (including autoresponders) eye catching.  Many people go by the subject line and if it’s not enticing, they will pass it by.  So when you are thinking quality content, this is part of that aspect. 

Check out:  How To Create Email Marketing Subject Lines That Grabs Your Readers.

6)- Refresh your email list – From time to time, your subscribers can stop opening your emails.  This can affect your overall deliverability. Review your lists and remove any that haven’t opened your emails.  How often you do this is up to you, I’ve seen that it’s recommended every 3 to 6 months.

The rule that I use for this is as long as they open the email, I don’t delete them.

7)- Automate your email campaign – As was hinted in #4 above, you should have a set of autoresponders ready to go out to your subscribers.  This gives your website the power of automation and you can actually make money while you sleep.  Having carefully crafted emails automatically sent to your subscribers is crucial.  You’ll need a newsletter service to accommodate this for you.  I use Mialpoet which can be found in the wordpress repository.

8)- Follow the rules – You need to be GDPR compliant and don’t spam anyone ever.  I don’t like spam and I am sure you don’t.  If someone on your email list unsubscribes, then delete their email right away and never send anything to them.

For information on GDPR and it’s importance, click link below from Qualitest:

9)- Focus on the small things – You should focus on the small mini conversions like email signups, lead magnets and digital downloads.  All these work together to lead your visitor to a conversion.  For instance, if you would sign up for our newsletter, you’d be given the opportunity Free report on a Roadmap To Success which is a Quick Start Guide To Affiliate Marketing.  Basically, you give people an opportunity to grab something worth their while.  That quick start guide is gold to those who make use of it.

10)- Auto Posting – Its always a good practice to have all your posts auto posting to your email subscribers.  That way the stay up to date on what you are adding to your blog.  You should also have your content going out to social media regularly as well.  This way if your current email list has reached the end of your autoresponders, at least they’re getting something aside from any emails you may be sending them.

11)- Private Audience – Remember your email list is your very own private audience and no one else has access to it.  This group is where you can send private content and special offers to.   It’s okay to create multiple email lists for different scenarios and special offers too if you need.

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