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11 Most Underrated Skills That Will Take You to the Top in Advertising

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Advertising is just like anything else, it’s what you don’t know that can keep you from succeeding.  Plug all those skills together and you’ll excel in advertising and then you’ll beat your competitors.  

Let’s expose these skills plus one other surprise to crack the egg of advertising:

Note:  Some of these will seem like a review but they all work together.

1)- Creating quality content – Writing good quality blog posts with carefully selected keywords for good SEO will go along way in getting the word out and promoting what you are representing.  I’ve mentioned SEO/Keywords along with this as when you put your posts together, they’re all part of what you are publishing.

2)- Auto Publishing – As you publish your content, having them auto publish to social media and your email lists, is another great way in getting the word out.  An added benefit is that posts can be shared via social media which helps reach more and more people.  Having your content auto published also saves you time in having to repost your work.

3)- Paid Advertising – Yes paid advertising via PPC is a way to go to get the word out.  There are different forms of it.  You have to be careful as you can lose your shirt over it.  Check out What To Know About Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing.  See also the last tip for more information.

4)- Special Tips – See our tips from recent posts on advertising, check out these two posts:

   a)- How To Get Ahead In Advertising With Affiliate Marketing – Part 1

   b)- How To Get Ahead In Advertising With Affiliate Marketing – Part 2

5)- High Quality Products – You need to promote items that are in demand, as this can help with either impeding or furthering your advertising efforts.  If you are trying to sell a product that’s been on the Internet for a long time, it may have lived it’s life and reached a time to be replaced.  This can happen now and then.  This is especially true if you are selling PLR products which do have a life cycle to them as they can become out dated.  If you are using PLR products (Private Label Products), pay close attention to the date of them as the run their life for about 2 to 3 years.  After that the start being out of date in most cases.

6)- Website Design – Since you drive traffic to your website with all the promotions/advertising you do, your sites design could make you or break you.  What this means is that your website needs to be effective in attracting and keeping the attention of your users / visitors on the site.  If it’s not, you could be losing out in conversions.  While you don’t ever want to lose conversions or traffic, you really don’t want your website to be responsible for that.

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7)- Influencer Marketing – This is another very effective marketing strategy, in fact Influencer Marketing has a pretty high ROI which is well worth your investment.  Check out:  What Is Influencer Marketing? And Why Should You Care?

8)- Podcasts and Video Ads – A great way to advertise or promote what you are doing is through an podcasts or videos you create.  This is a free and very economical way to get the word out.  You can insert your URL in the description of the podcast or video you publish.

9)- Offers by location – This is a good way to promote in your area by making use of Google My Business Page.  I use this and it is a good way to localize your promotions.

10)- Free Advertising – There are websites that offer free advertising to promote our business.  The do work, one that I use is called  This is a good way to keep your advertising costs low.  Is  this a skill, no, but it is if you consider it a way to keep costs low.

Save on Advertising

11)- See before you buy – There is a service that affiliate marketers can make use of to see what advertisements work that are out there before you purchase them yourself.  I saved the best for last.  You can view ads that work and choose what is best for you.  Check out and take a bite out of your advertising budget today. is a very powerful service that can make a huge difference in your advertising efforts and I highly recommend them as is affiliated with them.

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