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11 Important Blogging Goals For Beginners

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Now a days, it seems like almost everyone who is active on the Internet, is starting a blog for one reason or another.  Whether it be for personal reasons or to make some extra cash, one has to have at least one goal In mind.  As for instance, those who blog for personal reasons may have a blog for their fitness efforts thus logging their activities and keeping like an online diary of their efforts and events.  The goal here would be to be able to track their progress and have others provide criticism and/or advise.   Another example of a personal blog is if someone is interested in photography.  Sharing pictures and information.  The goal here would be if it’s a hobby, and one wants to share what they’ve done.

Now for those who are blogging to make money, those goals are somewhat different.  They may want to share some similar information as mentioned above, but also make some money on the side.  Case and point here is if you are going to be a blogger, it’s best to have some goals set especially if you intent on making money online. 

Pre-Blog Goals:

Choose a host.

When you decide to purchase a house or a place to rent, aren’t you picky about it?  Real estate on the Internet is just as important as “real life” real estate.  Where you host your website is vital for the existence of your site.  Check out Ultimate Options For Website Hosting to see what works best for you in choosing your host.  Keep in mind that you’ll need to create a domain name too.

Choose a niche.

After you have your host and website up and ready, you need to have chosen a niche that you are going to blog about.  It would be good if you came to this conclusion before you got your blog created.

Active Blogging Goals:

Number one goal – Your most important goal as a blogger is of course to increase traffic to your blog.  Your traffic is like a heartbeat of your blog.  As I’ve always been saying, you got to be consistent and post often to draw traffic.  If you don’t have traffic you don’t have life.  You have to have traffic if you ever expect to make money online.  Without traffic, all you would have is a blog with lots and lots of content serving no purpose at all.  With the traffic, you want to develop a faithful audience who are those that return often. 

Get noticed – Create or increase your social media presence.  This will help in drawing traffic to your blog.  You need to have at least 5 different social media accounts.  i.e:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin would be the 5 that I would recommend.  These are like moons orbiting your planet (your blog).  Post often, so you social media presence gains attention.   Check out How To Make Use Of A Secret That Unlocks Traffic To Your Website.  

Word count – You need to publish content that is at the very minimum 1000 words, as the more content in a post you provide, the better you’ll favor according to Google.  The more you write beyond 1000 words, the more favorable you’d be with Google which in turn would be good for your ranking.  WordPress has a neat plugin to help you with your word counts called WP Word Count.

Email Subscribers – This is part of your audience, you should try to attain 2 to 3 subscribers per month and provide them with content to keep them as happy subscribers.  Check out How To Boost Your Email List to get you moving in this area.

Avoid Bad goals – Avoid goals like these:  a) wanting a high amount of visitors per month like 100,000, b) Wanting to post every day, c) Trying to be what you are not. d ) Get rich quick.  You should avoid goals like these as they are examples of poor expectations of your blogging business. 

Set reasonable goals – Aside from what I mentioned, you need to set some additional reasonable and attainable goals to move you forward in your blogging business and also to inspire self confidence as a blogger.   

Think Long Term – You as a blogger are in it for the distance.  Long Term thinking is how you should set your mind set here.  If you heard stories of people hitting it big overnight, they are few and far between.  Making money online is not as easy as it would seem.  There is a lot that goes into it.

Promote your blog – In addition to your publishing, and emailing your audience, you also want to promote what you are selling.  This is an important aspect that will also lead to traffic to your blog.  You’ll want to send out promotions to social media as well as your email list.  The nice thing about your email list is that you can offer them special offers that the rest of the world doesn’t have access too.  Refer to what I mentioned in “Get Noiticed” above as well.

Keep Up to Date – Research often.  You want to stay in the know of what is going on especially with the niche you choose to blog about. You want to become an authority and eventually a person of influence as you grow and evolve as a blogger.  This is really important as you grow your business. 

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