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10 Tips On SEO Mistakes To Avoid.

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Things change every year especially on the Internet and if you are not SEO savvy, you could be missing out on getting those conversions or visitors to your website that you should be getting.  There are plenty of mistakes that can be made that you should avoid.  You’re already on a good start in avoiding them right now, as you are going to see what you can do to avoid them.

Here are some mistakes that you NEED to avoid:

1)- Little or no Keyword targeting – This can be easy to over look or not even consider especially if you are a new blogger.  Keywords lead people to your website and without them or lack of good keywords, can have an effect on any organic traffic coming to your website.  (if you had to make 1 mistake, avoid the one.)  Keywords are your blog’s life blood in getting traffic.  Give major effort in finding the right keywords to your site.

2)- Only focusing on ON-Site SEO – This means you are only focusing on SEO with your website, don’t get me wrong, that’s good, but you need to also place your content on other sites that has links pointing back to your site.

Keyword Research

3)- Buying Backlinks – Sounds good in theory, but you are probably busing banks of backlinks from flag sites and guess what?  Google doesn’t like or approve of that.  Besides, why buy when they should be free?  Any backlink I get, I never pay for.  I’ve done enough work with my content and I am not about to waste my time in buying backlinks.  Besides, you can earn them if you place your link on websites with high authority, quality traffic.

4)- You get what you pay for – Yes, this is no exaggeration.  Just because you have a friend who is a computer guru, doesn’t mean you should have him/her create your website.  Going cheap, can cost you a bundle in other areas such as SEO rankings.  All your content including meta, page names and navigation all play an important rule in SEO.  If you are a small business, you should avoid this practice.  If it takes you longer and costs more to build your website, you’ll save huge dividends in SEO with the traffic you’ll earn.

5)- Not adding new high-quality content — This should actually be a no brainer.  You should be consistently adding new content to your blog on a regular basis.  This influences the attraction of traffic to your blog.  Trust me, your visitors can tell if you blog is updated on a regular basis.  There really isn’t a good point for one to stop posting new content, unless you want to bring about making your blog out dated at some point.  You should be adding new content at the very minimum of once a week at a 1000 words per post to satisfy Google.  The more words the better for your rankings. 

6)- Picture paints a 1000 words – Avoid creating posts just to satisfy algorithms.  As the saying goes, a picture paints a 1000 words, and there is no exaggeration there.  This is good for SEO and it makes your post look more than just lines in a blog post.  This will give you a significant competitor advantage.  People love posts with pictures In it.  Add pictures with some relevancy. 

7)- Are you Trendy? – You need to make sure that you are up on the latest SEO trends, which is one of the reasons I highly recommend using a plugin for your On Site SEO, but On Site SEO is not good enough as I’ve been pointing out in this post.  You need to keep up with what is going on in the Internet as it’s an ever-changing place.  If you are thinking “what’s SEO?” then I would read up on it and see what you need to do.

8)- Cramming keywords or phrases – This may seem like a good idea, but what you should be doing is concentrating on what your readers want.  What they want is far more important and with good SEO, all should fall into place.

9)- In Action – Not taking sufficient action to do away with poor SEO rankings.  If you make use of all the tips in this post and install and use a good SEO plugin, you would be on your way to having a good SEO outcome with your website.  Check out:  How Bad Do You Want To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings?

improve your search engine rankings

10)- Not up on Traffic Tips – Always be opened to more tips on attracting more traffic to your site.  Check this article out:  How To Drive Traffic To Your Website In 2020.


SEO is an ever expanding and changing topic in the ever-changing world of the Internet.  You should always be open to change with it comes to SEO, because with or without you things will change.  If you haven’t yet, you should review all the previous posts you wrote to see if any changes need to be made in the area of SEO.  If you’ve not done much on this subject, chances are they are all waiting for an update.  This post will be your starting point guide in getting it done.  Even in the future, however long from now, SEO will probably be different than now (when this post was written).  You can count on this.   This is a topic that you need to make yourself up on and do continual research on like you would on your posts.  For more information on SEO, check out – Search Engine Optimization.

I just went over 10 tips to help you with Mistakes you shouldn’t be making with SEO, if you want more proven methods and if you haven’t yet signed up for our FREE Lessons newsletter, I invite you to do so.  You can follow our easy 3 step process to gain access to these proven methods.  Check out our Getting Started page for details.  If you already signed up for the newsletter, proceed to step 2. 

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