10 Tips On Promoting Your Affiliate Marketing Link

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With being an affiliate marketer, one’s life is busy with a myriad of tasks one has to do each day.  One of the things that is relied on is Google Analytics to keep track of traffic and your page rankings.  It’s a necessary tool we need to help guide us along the way With Google. You have the Google Search Console which is Free and invaluable as well as Google Trends.  These both offer valuable insights for what is trending and what traffic and activity is taking place with your websites. 

As we do promotions, it’s always beneficial to know how things are going and AffiloTools from Affilorama.com is a great tool to manage your affiliate marketing business especially while you are running campaigns. 

A benefit that comes along with promotions is it also drives traffic to your website which is especially good even if they don’t buy what you are promoting.

Let’s reveal some tips to further your promotions:

1)- Newsletter – From the very beginning of your blog or website, you should start collecting your readers email addresses as this is a great way to promote what you are offering.  Having autoresponders send scheduled emails to your private audience is crucial.  Only people who sign up for your newsletter have access to what you promote via your email list.

2)- Social media – As you create content, have it auto posted to social media.  Your posts should include your affiliate links that your readers can take advantage of.  This is the best place to promote what you are offering as there are a ton of people on social media.  This is good for Twitter, Youtube.com and any other social media site.

3)- Videos – Creating videos and placing them on sites like Youtube.com along with your affiliate link is a great way to get you noticed.  Also include your website/blog address.  You can add this information on any page of your video or description.

4)- Affiliate Ads & Banners – These are great, like advertising on your website.  Each ad or banner contains your affiliate link for visitors to make use of.  Put them where they can be easily seen.

5)- Create a Resources or Tools page – It’s beneficial to have a page created on your website that lists your products so people can have easy access too.  Check our Tools Page out.

6)- Promo Posts – These are special posts that are short and to the point having an image and statement in them that you post directly to social media.  These are for promoting your products and services you are representing.  I use a separate blog (my administrative site) for this and have all incoming traffic redirected to my main site. Set your promos to auto-post as it will make it easier and will guarantee that at least one went out.  Then you would have to re-send them manually throughout the day unless you schedule those too.

 Here’s the reason I use my admin site for this.  If I did all this through Timabeck.com, Google would penalize me for posting “fluff” on my blog.  The promotions are far less in word counts compared to my normal publishing, so Google would penalize me for it.  So, to avoid that, I use my admin site.  Also, I have some plugins that help me in publishing. 

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7)- Incentives – It’s very enticing if you offer to give your readers a gift if they make a purchase.  It’s best to indicate that the gift is an offer by you and not the company you represent.   Pick one product to promote with this special incentive.  People love gifts.  You can add a “For a Limited Time” caption for your special offer.

8)- Set goals for your promotions – Goals help you decide what you are aiming for.  Set a timeframe for your campaign.  What are you trying to accomplish with this campaign? 

9)- Promote often – It’s best to promote as often as you can or like every day, multiple times a day.  I promote every day except Sunday as while the website is up and available continuously, I consider myself as closed on Sundays, but that’s me.

Here is a guide to share on social media that I found online that is good to go by:

  • Facebook and Instagram – share 1 to 2 times a day
  • Twitter – Share 5 to 10 times a day as it’s a much faster social network
  • Pinterest – share at least 5 pins minimum daily
  • Linkedin – share once a day
Setting Goals and Research

10)- Plan your promotions – Don’t always promote the same thing.  Come up with other offers and plan what you want out of them and what to say in them. 

For more inspiration on promotions, check out what Affilorama has to offer for promotions.  I highly recommend Affilorama for all things affiliate marketing.  I am an affiliate of Affilorama.com.


The above are some very empowering tips that can get you going with your campaigns.  For more proven methods, sign up for our FREE Lessons Newsletter now – https://timabeck.com/free

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