10 Great Tools For Affiliate Marketing

In anyone’s affiliate marketing journey, seasoned or not, it’s paramount that you have the right tools to aide you along the way. There are many out there and they are not all created equal.  The most popular one is CJ Affiliate for locating affiliate programs, which is one that I have used from time to time.  My favorite tool that I am using right now is Mangools – keyword and SEO research, as it offers a Free option and Free is always good.  I will say though the Free option has an annoying limitation that when you search for keywords, it’l pop up a warning about it being very popular asking you to upgrade.  Other than that I like this one.

Other great tools include:

  1.  SEMrush.com – Great for keyword research, fixing SEO errors as well as competitor anaylsis.
  2. Ahrefs.com – Similar to SEMrush, as it has many of the same features and a whole lot more.  This is for the more advanced user.  Ahrefs focuses more on backlinks instead of SEO
  3. WordPress.org – Great CMS site to build your own website, I am very biased here, this is a must have.  You’ll need a hosting package and a domain name to get started. 
  4. Mailpoet.com – Email marketing – this helps in automating your business.
  5.  SEOPress –  one of the best wordpress plugins available.  For metas and titles, sitemaps and more including Google Anayltics.
  6. Timabeck.com — If you are very new to Affiliate or Internet Marketing, some or all of these tools may seem alien to you, and that’s alright.  Your best strategy is to take it one day at a time and learn as you go.  That’s what I did in the beginning. 

Ready to get started you say…

First thing is first, if you want to get started in Affiliate Marketing, we are your greatest tool to begin your journey.  You can pick up all the other tools as you go.  You need to create a foundation before you can put up the walls and roof of your business.  Until you have the foundation lade and the walls and roof up, the other tools can’t even be added to your business.  It would be like moving in before the building is up.

Here are more tools to consider:

Best Affiliate Plugins (on WordPress):

  1.  Google Analytics – Most powerful analytics tool for free – I use this one.
  2. Adsanity – It’s an Ad Management plugin for WordPress.  Helps with banners, post graphics and more.
  3. WP PRESS Aggregator – A plugin witch grabs content from affiliate networks into your WordPress site.  Combine this option with your own original content and your earnings will boost.
  4. AffiliateWP – Self proclaimed as the best affiliate marketing for WordPress.   Assists with user registrations.  There’s also many add-ons to this plugin available.

There are many more tools, plugins and programs out there to aid an affiliate marketer in their efforts.  What I shared are just a few in comparison to what is available. 

I mentioned Timabeck.com as a tool earlier in this post to prove a point.  We are here to help you along the way as well.  It doesn’t matter how many tools and resources you have.  If you lack a good foundation, and knowledge, you’ve grounded yourself already.  If you are new and just searching or already started but need direction we can help you.

We have the tools to not only get your started, but to get you on your way to success. 

For all the above mentioned tools to be of any value to you, you have to first be willing to be dedicated and put in the hard work to get there.  No tools in the universe worth their weight in gold will do you any good if all you do is just sit around playing games or watching TV. 

Where to go from here?

With Timabeck.com, you have access to FREE lessons, a FREE report on Affiliate Marketing and a FREE Members Only section to go along with the FREE lessons as an extra measure of support.  We also have Premium video courses to get you on your way. 

Where is your “Drive” or “Dedicated Revived Inspired Vented Energy”?  If it is focused on the job you have, then you’re probably not the one getting richer.  But if you refocus your drive, then it’s your wallet getting the reward. 

You need to be dedicated to get the job done.

You need to revive yourself to get started.

You need to find inspiration to help fuel yourself

You need to Vent all that Energy to start building the future you want now.

You need to see that it’s You that has to put in the time and work.  No one else can do it for you.  I went over some tools above which are valuable assets, but are of little or no value if you don’t put in the effort to work towards building a better tomorrow in Affiliate Marketing.

Each post in this blog is a tool in the form of information for the newbie affiliate marketer starting his or her journey. 

You are your best tool.

You may not realize this, but you are a tool as well.  You have to connect yourself to what you are doing with that sense of drive we talked about utilizing all these tools mentioned previously.  If you don’t use yourself to learn as much as you can and make use of these tools, how would you expect to get the job done to become successful.  A great deal of money can be made in affiliate marketing, the question is, are you willing to go to work?

Your best source for tools awaits you to begin your Affiliate Marketing journey.  We’re ready to assist you in your journey.  Getting started is simple. 

If you are not sure where to begin, the easiest and best way is to sign up for our Free Lessons which are of no obligation and can be taken at your own pace or as they come into your inbox.  So why not take advantage of this powerful tool now.

Sign up here at Timabeck.com/free and we’ll give you a FREE report to sink you teeth in for lots of great stuff in Affiliate Marketing.

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