10 Affiliate Marketing Myths Explained

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There are many myths about affiliate marketing that many people believe and it’s easy to fall into that trap.  Some myths seem so logical that it’s easy to assume that they are true.  The most common myths begin with that it’s really easy to make money online and you need lots of experience to be an affiliate marketer.  Including that you need to invest lots of money to have an affiliate marketing career and none of these are true.  So, let’s expose what other myths exist that people fall for:

See through the lies

1)- Affiliate Marketing is a thing of the past – Absolutely not true and is very much active today.  Many companies are taking advantage of affiliate marketing as there marketing strategy.  If you are one the fence about affiliate marketing then take a look at the article below.

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2)- Affiliate Marketing is too competitive – Well, not as much as one may think.  It may seem that way, but there are many affiliate marketers out there who are not doing it right.  There is a right way and a wrong way to do affiliate marketing.  Timabeck.com is a hub for all things affiliate marketing and we strive to get you set up on a good foundation to create a successful affiliate marketing business.

Drive traffic to your site

3)- You need lots of traffic to generate sales – To some degree this makes sense, but it really depends on where that traffic is coming from.  You need to target people who are interested in what you are promoting.  You need to do effective keyword research so only those who are interested in what you are promoting come to your site. 

4)- It doesn’t matter what products you promote – I can see where that would make sense, but in reality, it does matter.  You can promote any product but only if it falls within your niche and if it’s a good fit for your site.  Remember you are building relationships and on your way to becoming a person of influence, so you want to be choosy on what you promote.  I had heard once from an affiliate marketing site (such as sites like Clickbank & CJ Affiliate) that there are those who try to promote all the products available within their affiliate marketing site and that really isn’t a good thing.  You want to be knowledgeable to a degree for each product you promote.  You never know if you’ll get an email from someone asking you about it.

Let's Blog!

5) You must have a website – Not exactly true.  It is true that having a website is a major asset for your business, but it is not true that you must have one.  Affiliate marketing can in deed be done without a website.  If you can’t have one in the beginning, no sweat, but I do recommend to have one as soon as you can.  To do affiliate marketing without a website check out this article from affilorama.com – Affiliate Marketing Without A Website.

6)- Stay only with one affiliate program – No, while it’s recommended to stay with one niche, not so with affiliate programs.  You are limiting yourself if you stay with one program.  If you branch out to multiple affiliate programs, you preset to your audience more opportunities that are available to them for their needs.  Make sure these programs are a good fit for your niche/blog/website.  In order to provide the best solutions to affiliate marketers, Timabeck.com has branched into multiple affiliate programs.  One program may not be able to accommodate all your visitors needs within the niche you are working with.

7)- Affiliate marketing will make you rich – Not overnight, as it takes time to build an affiliate marketing business.  Most won’t have a career in affiliate marketing as it takes time and effort to make it happen.  You can develop an lucrative income and get rich but it can take several years for that to happen.  The right combination of skills and experience makes a difference combined with perseverance and dedication.

Online Presence

8)- Social media popularity leads to success – Not exactly.  You must realize that social media is nothing more than having moons orbiting your planet.  Each moon is a social media platform and your website is your planet.  Just because you are very popular doesn’t mean sales are coming in.  Yes, it’s nice to have that popularity, but in the end, are you making sales?  If you are auto-posting your content to social media, send only an excerpt to social media forcing them to eventually come to your website or blog to read the rest of the article.  You want them on your site to have better chances at conversions and/or sign ups with your email list.

9)- Affiliate marketing is dirt easy – In theory it seems like it should be as all you are doing is providing affiliate links for people to click on and make a sale.  In reality, a whole lot of work goes into an affiliate marketing business.  You have to drive traffic to your site by creating content and promoting your products.  If you approach this business as it’s going to be easy, then you are setting your self up for disappointment.  You have to be serious, dedicated & persistence. 

10)- Conclusion

 Concluding with one more tip – Newsletters are not necessary – Not true as a good newsletter will provide you with opportunities and information for you to take advantage of.  Newsletters provide private content that everyone else doesn’t have access to.  While you are at it, sign up for our FREE Lessons newsletter —- >  https://timabeck.com/free

These 10 tips are not the end answer but they are good to have in getting you on the right track. 

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